Four Letter Words is Coming!

Yup, you read right! The sequel to SEVEN DIRTY WORDS will be available in the early part of 2014. I know that seems a long way off, but it means you have ample time to go and read the first part of Paige Holmes’ story.

SDW has received mixed reviews so far. The ‘worst’ (and I use the word loosely) is a 2-star review on GoodReads, which even begins “I am definitely NOT the target audience for this sort of book.” But it’s also had an awful lot of 5-star reviews with quotes including “Really enjoyed this book, had me gripped from the start. Look forward to more from this fantastic author. Best novel I’ve read in a long time.” and “People are linking it with 50 shades of grey…but in my opinion this book is so much better…better story and definitely better written!

I’ve had lots of lovely feedback from readers, especially regarding Mr Vance Ellery. I’ve also had a lot of questions about the smouldering TDS. Who is based on? Who would I want to play him in a movie? I’m sorry, but I can’t really answer them! He’s not based on anyone in particular, just an amalgamation of people I’ve met, with a bit of fantasy thrown in. I have no idea who would play him in a movie, but the film rights haven’t been bought (yet), so it’s not something I have to think about. I can promise you that readers will learn a lot more about TDS and why he is the way he is in FOUR LETTER WORDS.

But what’s in store for Paige in FLW? Well… It begins exactly where SDW left off, which I’m not going to give away in case you haven’t read it yet.

Some characters you met, such as Lou, Danny, Hannah, and Mark, all get bigger roles in this book. And of course, the sexy Matt Jackson features heavily throughout!

The Blurb:

“She made her choice. But is it the right one? While coming to terms with her past, and struggling with her demons, Paige Holmes wants to get her life back. She’s fighting for normality, but something, or someone keeps stopping her. She finds herself torn between what she wants and who she wants. And then the letters start…”

Poor Paige. But don’t worry, the ending suits her character. That’s all I’m saying!

And what’s next? Well, anyone who has been following my interviews, blog, and FB page will know that I have about 15 first chapters at the moment. I’m currently torn between starting a new one, trying my hand at paranormal / fantasy / crime / mystery etc. etc., re-visiting a previous novel (April’s Baby), or mashing several together and seeing what happens.

Is there a third Paige / TDS / Matt Jackson book? Not at the moment. But, never say never…

3 thoughts on “Four Letter Words is Coming!

  1. Mixed reviews are part of life I’m afraid. You can’t please everyone (especially on Goodreads). How exciting to have a publication date for your second novel! I’m still waiting to hear back on mine 🙂

    1. I thought I’d be upset by my first negative review, but I wasn’t. I think because it was by someone who wasn’t in my target audience, I just accepted it!

      Good luck on your publication date 🙂

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