Re-release: Four Letter Words #Erotica #Contemporary #Romance


Four Letter Words Blurb:

Paige Holmes has made her choice. But as she begins to get her life back on track, she also starts to question her decision.

Then, the letters arrive. When Paige finds herself in trouble once again, she must decide who she can trust.

Will she go back to the one she denied, or will she stand by her choice?

Love and lust are, after all, both Four Letter Words.


Excerpt from Chapter One:

Laying my head back against the black leather seats of the Jag and gazing ahead, I lifted a finger and touched my lips that were swollen from his kiss. The weariness of the past few weeks was beginning to take over, weighing on my eyelids as they began to droop. I should have been reassured by the man sitting next to me.

I shifted in my seat so I could watch him as he drove on. He was a force that even nature had no hold over. There was an urge to reach out and cling to his broad bicep, a need to feel the security of his physical strength, aching somewhere deep inside of me.

We didn’t speak as he pressed all his weight onto the accelerator, urging the car until it was over the speed limit. I half expected the shine of blue lights to fill the inside of the car, with sirens blaring around us. But they didn’t. Of course they didn’t. Even if a marked car was to pass, I doubted Vance Ellery would slow down, and I had even less that the police would attempt to pull him over. I suspected that the personal phone number of every single high-ranking officer in the country, was tucked away in a neat Rolodex on Vance’s desk or even stored in the memory bank of his mobile phone for easy access.

The silence should have been soothing. I should have been able to let my lashes flutter against my cheeks, and slip into a relaxing slumber. Instead the lack of conversation added to the tension that built behind my eyes. I closed them, hoping that soon I would drift off into a deep sleep, where I would be surrounded by falling flowers, rainbows, and sunlight. Ha! If only I was deserving of such luck. There were no pleasant dreams awaiting me after the sandman visited. Only nightmares wanted to be part of my night. They tormented me, bringing memories that I’d tried to bury and forget. They hounded the darkness, giving me nothing but misery and pain and suffering. It was as though all my sins from a previous life had been rolled over into this one.

If the visions of his face, the sound of his voice had been the only elements of my slumber, then I might have been willing to slip away and let the desperation of rest take me to the shadowed places I dreaded. My soul was destined for torture though. I was to be punished for his crime.

The mere suggestion of sleep forced my blood to pulsate until it was the only thing I could hear, throbbing in my temples. The searing pain of anxiety and panic stabbed at my chest, pins pricking my skin, as I let my eyelids fall. A shudder fell down my spine, waking me from the light doze I’d stumbled into.

Breathe in, breathe out. In with the good, out with the bad. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Breathe in, breathe out. A mantra, taught to me by a yoga instructor years before hell had entered my life, repeated over and over in my mind. I inhaled the cool air through my nasal passages, allowing it to slip down into my pain-filled lungs, exhaling all the bad out of my mouth in a gigantic whoosh.

Ahead, the roads were empty, weaving out of the village and headed towards Richart Courts, the hotel that was to be my sanctuary for the next couple of days before I had to face the next challenge. New York City.

How anyone could expect me to go back there was beyond belief. The only logical explanation for their plans for my future was that facing New York was the lesser of the two evils that haunted me, threatening to rip away the seams that had begun to fray around my already tattered edges.

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Four Letter Words is the second, and final, part to Paige’s story. The first part, Seven Dirty Words can be bought here.

Re-released on 3rd June: SEVEN DIRTY WORD

Being re-released on 3rd June, available for pre-order now: SEVEN DIRTY WORDS


Seven Dirty Words has a new home! Now under Tirgearr Publishing, Seven Dirty Words is being re-released on 3rd June (my birthday!) with a new cover and new edits.

Paige Holmes hides herself in a masculine world in a desperate attempt to remain safe.

Just as she is ready to face her fears and her past, she finds herself torn between Matt Jackson and Vance Ellery: handsome, rich, and safe – or handsome, rich, and dangerous?

Which will she choose?

The one who appears to be the most perfect, or the one who makes her use all Seven Dirty Words?

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I have set up a Thunderclap for Seven Dirty Words. Some of you won’t have heard of Thunderclap, so I thought I’d give you a brief description from what I can gather.

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The link is: Thunderclap.

Thank you for your support, I love you all.

Extract from Four Letter Words

Read Seven Dirty Words? Continue Paige’s story with…

Four Letter Words


Nightmares teased and taunted me that night. Great hulking beasts tore away at my skin. Their gnarled fingers with long, scratching talons, tore at my flesh. I tried to scream, but they had stolen my voice. Breathless, I struggled onward, down the twisting path of infinite darkness. Cackles and howls surrounded me, flooding my senses. I tripped over my own confusion. Even on this one road, with no other way to turn, I knew that I was lost. Everything was lost.

  I scrambled on, clawing my way up the path. My body was heavy, forcing me down as though gravity had increased. It was impossible to stand. I dragged myself through the muck, tears streaming down my face, creating a sea beneath me. If I didn’t find my way home, I was going to drown in my own sorrow.

  The beasts continued to harangue me, spitting putrid bile in my way. I felt sick. I could taste the acrid stomach acid building in the back of my mouth. I gagged on my humility. But nothing was freed. I kept heaving, hoping to relieve some of the weight, make myself lighter so that I could stand.

  Then he was there. TDS stood in front of me. He loomed over my pitiful frame, towering as though he were twenty feet tall, a resolute statue of demanding respect. His stare as pitch black as my surroundings. Soulless.

  “Please help,” I tried to say. But my mouth wouldn’t move. “I’m sorry.” Still no words could be heard.

  An unknown force flipped me over. Invisible restraints held my wrists flat against the cold, hard ground. The ocean of tears soaked through what skin remained. Dirt crawled up my body like tiny insects. I struggled. But against what? There was nobody there.

  TDS was gone, and in his place, a callous reminder of my past. 



If you loved the first one then buy the second you won’t be disappointed!”  

The book pulled me in from the beginning and kept me on my toes throughout.”

A brilliantly written book is a must read…”


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Countdown begins…

Four Letter Words is due to be published in January / February 2014! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Seven Dirty Words came out, and the sequel will be in print soon. It’s scary to think how much my life has changed since last January – I’ve been featured on several blogs, two newspapers and been on local radio, as well as having been an official author at the Festival of Romance. And it’s only set to get busier, already signed up for a blog-spot in February and signed up for Smut by the Sea in June.

I will admit to being nervous about the second installment of Paige Holmes’ story being read. I had a lot of feedback regarding the ending to Seven Dirty Words, and I only hope that my readers will understand why Four Letter Words ends the way it does. I don’t want to give away too much but I will say that everyone gets what they truly deserve, and some characters get their Happily Ever After.

A couple of minor characters from SDW make more of an appearance in FLW, for example Lou, Paige’s best friend and rugby team captain, is featured throughout the book. There’s also a couple of new minor characters for you to meet!

I’m afraid that poor Paige does have to suffer a little bit more though. I know quite a few of you thought that she had been through more than enough in the first book, but the story hasn’t finished yet and she hasn’t come to terms with her demons. But don’t worry, everything happens for a reason as you will find out.

I have loved working with Paige, Matt, and of course Vance “TDS” Ellery. Many have asked if there will be a third book, but as you will find out there is not much more I could do with these characters. I hope that you all get the resolution you want, and that you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Before I go, here’s a short (unedited) extract from Four Letter Words:

I contemplated calling him.  I wondered how long I had before he flew to New York and I never saw him again.  But each time I dialled in his number, something stopped me.

  Walking down the street, smashed pumpkins of Halloween still sat on several doorsteps, adding to the festering smell of rotting leaves and fruit.  The snow had not arrived yet, but the frost and ice settled each morning.  I pulled my arms around me in a desperate attempt at maintaining my body temperature, clutching a pile of invitations to be delivered.  I didn’t see the need for them to be honest.  I’d already posted those silly ‘save the date’ cards out, so everyone knew when and where the Christmas party was going to be.  But Mum had insisted that we formally invite the guests.  Most had already RSVP’d, making the act of handing out invitations even more ridiculous in my mind.

  I posted them through the doors, one by one.  Each time I went around a corner, I couldn’t help but get the strange notion that someone was watching me again.  As I stepped down into a small no-through road, I stopped and swung round, expecting to be confronted by a journalist or one of Vance Ellery’s hired guards.  But nobody was there. 

  “Getting paranoid,” I chided myself.  The heels of my boots clicked and clacked on the stone pavement.  My shadow disappeared as the sky threatened to open with yet more rain.  “Great,” I grumbled, pulling my hood up and stuffing the envelopes inside my jacket.  I only had a handful left.  Posting the last one of that street, I turned with my head down and made my way back to the main road.

  The ghosts that haunted continued to follow me as I dropped the last invitations through the letterboxes.  “Should have just posted them,” I said to myself.  I was nervous at being so alone.  The memory of being hounded by a journalist was still too fresh in my memory.  Along with the unease I’d felt of late anyway…

  I arrived home, and pushed the door open.  Something shifted across the floor.  I bent down to pick the envelope up, and noticed the lack of postage stamp.  My name had been hand-written in thick black ink across the plain side, each letter a capital.  I tapped it against my fingers as I went into the kitchen and flicked on the kettle.  A cup of tea was needed to take away the chill of winter.

  Sitting down at the table I opened the letter, wondering who could have sent it.  There was a single sheet of paper, and a photograph inside.  It was a grainy picture, one that looked as though it had come from a security camera.  Despite the lack of quality, I could still see that it was of myself and TDS, heading into Richart Courts.  My brows furrowed in confusion, until I read the accompanying letter.

  It was written in the same print as the envelope.  Huge, thick black letters, scratched into the hammered white paper.