“April’s Baby” gets a re-write and new title

It started out as a severe edit, but “April’s Baby” (remember that one? The novel I wrote before SEVEN DIRTY WORDS but didn’t get published?) has now been completely re-written, and is being given a new title. Does that make a different story? Well… Sort of.

It’s still a contemporary (raunchy) romance about April Miller and her best-friend Max Knight, and how they’re friendship is jeopardised when her ex, AJ Willington-Priest comes back on the scene. Max is still a spoilt rich kid who sleeps around, and it is still based in an equestrian centre / yard.

The POV still jumps from April’s to Max’s, and when I get there, to AJ’s, so readers can get a good sense of who is feeling what for whom.

So what’s changed?

Max is no longer a single orphan. He now has a fiancee who he cheats on regularly, and his parents are now very much alive. April is no longer the child of a billionaire, instead her father now works for Max’s.

That’s about it. Not much really is it? I’ve changed a relationship status and added a few new characters. But oddly, those few changes have made a big difference to the overall storyline.

I’m hoping that these few changes will improve the plot…

Did I say new title as well? Yes I did. But I haven’t got that far yet. “April’s Baby” seems kind of weak. Guess I’ll wait until I get to the end and see what happens! Fancy a sneak-peek? Okay, here’s a random paragraph… (I’m so good to you guys.)

“Max moved to the mirror and admired his own reflection. If she was being honest with herself, then April would have to agree that he wasn’t all that bad looking. With dark hair that flopped over his deep brown eyes, he could pass for a decade younger than his actual age. It helped that he took care of himself, working out and riding every day, leaving him with a body that was a column of muscle. The problem with Max was that he knew he was good looking. He was too aware of how attractive women found him and his wallet, and used it to his own selfish advantage.

  He moved behind her, thumbs pressing into the knot at the base of her neck. April shrugged him off and turned. Inches away, she could smell the fresh peppermint on his breath. “You’re hopeless,” she sighed, still angry with him but letting the shadow of a smile tease the corner of her lips.” 

When I have a better opening paragraph, I might let you read that too…

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