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ISBN: 9781311644947
ASIN: B01G984FA2

Yup, my second story in Tirgearr Publishing’s City Night series is out today!


Ross McKinley and his personal assistant, Lee Bradshaw, have been invited to Aberdeen by Ross’s ex-wife, Anna, to participate in a charity ‘slave auction.’ He finds the whole thing embarrassing, and not wanting to be ‘won’ on the auction block, he asks Lee to bid on him, and win whatever the cost. After a bidding war between Lee and Anna, Lee wins. Being the spoilsport, Anna begins subtly threatening Lee.

Ross finally takes Lee away from the event . . . and back to his hotel room where things quickly change from the boss-employee role to lovers. The following day when Ross is showing Lee around the city, it becomes obvious she’s not enjoying the adventure. She tells him about Anna’s threatening texts—she’s to quit her job and never see Ross again, or Anna will ruin his business.

When Lee refuses to let Anna manipulate her into quitting, will she be strong enough to fight beside Ross for his company? Or will Anna get the upper hand?
Lee Bradshaw wins her boss in a charity slave auction. But at what cost-.png
“I am going to kill you,” Ross McKinley said in a low growl, quiet enough that only Lee heard him. Picking up the short tumbler, he knocked the Scotch back in one gulp. He took a sharp breath as the heat of it caught him off guard, burning his already raw throat. If there was one thing he did enjoy about being back in Aberdeen, it was the opportunity to drink decent, authentic Scottish whiskey.“Oh, don’t be so dramatic, Mr McKinley.” His personal assistant didn’t look scared by his threat. She sat on her bar stool, sniggering into her drink.

“I swear to God, Lee…” he continued, turning to survey the room. He placed his elbows on the bar and leaned back. “What the hell have you got me into?”

She didn’t answer, finishing her drink instead. She didn’t need to respond. Technically it wasn’t her fault. It was Anna’s.

Ross watched as the other guests socialised, chatting amongst themselves. Waiters and waitresses dressed in black trousers and white shirts handed out hors d’oeuvres and glasses of sparkling wine with a couple of raspberries in the bottom. He grabbed one as a waiter walked past, drained the glass, leaving the fruit, and put it on the bar more forcefully than necessary. He checked his watch. Six o’clock. It was going to take much more alcohol to get him through the next six hours.

The hotel’s function room had been decorated in a vintage style, with pastel-coloured bunting and printed fabric hanging on the walls. Huge round tables had been placed around the room, draped in cream cloths, with ten places set around each one. The centrepieces were all identical – a slab of unfinished tree trunk used as a plate, with a glass jar holding a posy of pale pink roses and gypsophila, next to a small green bottle wrapped in old twine, holding a few sprigs of rosemary and flowering lavender. Candelabras hung from the high oak beams, catching the dying sun that broke through the few tall windows that dotted the stone walls. It was all very pretty, and very Anna.

His ex-wife was chatting with one of the band members, standing centre stage as always. Wearing a floor-length, emerald-green, figure-hugging dress with a neckline that skimmed her navel, and dripping in the diamonds he’d bought her over the ten years they’d been married, she looked amazing. And he hated her. He hated every fibre of her being.

“I am going to kill you,” he said again.

“It’s good publicity.”

“It’s a bad idea,” he countered.

“It’s a bit of fun and you’re raising money for a worthy cause. One you started, I should point out.” And she made her point well. The McKinley Trust was his baby, or more his ex-wife’s, but he was still on the board of the charity, for now. “It would have looked bad if you hadn’t turned up,” she continued.

He glanced at his assistant, not totally sure that he agreed with her. Lee finished her wine, and twisted on her seat. “I promise to bid on you,” she said, running her fingers through her long wavy brown hair and fiddling with the ends.

Ross shook his head, then squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose. He pulled his chequebook and a pen from the inner pocket of his suit jacket and ripped out a page. He signed the bottom of it and handed it to her. “Go as high as you need to, but get me out of this.”

Lee nipped the corner of the cheque between two fingers, and smiled. “As high as I need to, huh?” She folded the cheque and put it in her black satin handbag. “Okay, boss,” she said with a wink.

Where will you be spending the night-.png




Two books, one month

Yup. Two books released in the space of two weeks, and a third coming out towards the end of July. At some point this year I may do some housework, feed the family, or even sleep!


Released: 1st June 2016
ISBN: 9781311701978
ASIN: B01F82U040

Paige Holmes has made her choice. But as she begins to get her life back on track, she also starts to question her decision.

Then, the letters arrive. When Paige finds herself in trouble once again, she must decide who she can trust.

Will she go back to the one she denied, or will she stand by her choice?

Love and lust are, after all, both Four Letter Words.

Four Letter Words is Part Two of the Words series, continuing Paige’s story from Seven Dirty Words (found here). Both books are reduced to 99p / 99c on Amazon Kindle until 6th June.


                                                                    Released: 14th June 2016


                                                                           Amazon UK, Amazon US,

                                                                               Totally Bound

After escaping a bad relationship, Leah Beauchamp moves in with her pregnant sister and brother-in-law. Working as an English teacher, she spends her time lusting after the hot caretaker Ty Sinclair. But it’s not until a drunken encounter at the end of the school year that she realizes it might be so much more.

They decide to embark on a new relationship over the summer holidays. Then Ty’s preferences for BDSM come to the surface. Intrigued, Leah allows herself to be educated by her new lover. But after a house party goes horribly wrong, more secrets are revealed and Leah is left questioning how she truly feels.

Can Leah accept who Ty really is? Can she ignore his past? What about her own? Can she overcome her fears and concerns and relinquish control, or will their hot summer romance fizzle out once autumn arrives?



Released: July 2016
ISBN: 9781311644947
ASIN: B01G984FA2

Ross McKinley and his personal assistant, Lee Bradshaw, have been invited to Aberdeen by Ross’s ex-wife, Anna, to participate in a charity ‘slave auction.’ He finds the whole thing embarrassing, and not wanting to be ‘won’ on the auction block, he asks Lee to bid on him, and win whatever the cost. After a bidding war between Lee and Anna, Lee wins. Being the spoilsport, Anna begins subtly threatening Lee.

Ross finally takes Lee away from the event . . . and back to his hotel room where things quickly change from the boss-employee role to lovers. The following day when Ross is showing Lee around the city, it becomes obvious she’s not enjoying the adventure. She tells him about Anna’s threatening texts—she’s to quit her job and never see Ross again, or Anna will ruin his business.

When Lee refuses to let Anna manipulate her into quitting, will she be strong enough to fight beside Ross for his company? Or will Anna get the upper hand?
One Night in Aberdeen will be Book 24 of Tirgearr Publishing’s City Night series (found here). It is reduced to 99p / 99c on Kindle until it’s release on 27th July.

Out Now – Liaison Liability, Book 3 of the Fantasies, Inc. series by Piper Denn

Out Now – Liaison Liability, Book 3 of the Fantasies, Inc. series by Piper Denna

What happens at FM



What happens at Fantasy Mountain stays at Fantasy Mountain…except when it doesn’t.

Trusting the “anonymity algorithms” Fantasy Mountain advertises, Emily treats herself to Blind Date weekend at the upscale sex resort. Her kinky side is a bit too risqué for the small community where she owns a business and holds a public office, so she’s taken herself completely out of the dating game. Still, a girl has needs, and the guy she hooks up with her first night there does an incredible job of meeting all those needs. Breaking the resort’s rules, they prolong their scheduled two-hour date and spend the entire weekend together.

As he leaves the resort, Jase realizes why Emily looks so familiar to him. He’s seen her business card—on his desk. Since he’s still recovering from a major emotional slapdown, he isn’t interested in a relationship, but he and Emily are smoking-hot in bed, and he’s not ready to tell her goodbye. A business meeting puts them in the same room, and Jase does everything he can think of to convince Emily they should get into bed again.

Going public with a new boyfriend now would be political suicide, especially since the guy is a client at her business. Still, Emily finds it impossible to resist seeing Jase on the downlow. Each tryst requires more trust, and puts everything she’s worked for at risk. The rush of sneaking around only serves to heighten her pleasure…and her appetite for more. But what will happen when their private play becomes public knowledge?

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 “Can I interest you in lunch, to celebrate our new business relationship?”

Not a freaking chance in hell. “I’m afraid I’ll have to take a raincheck.” She forced her most professional voice. “I have three other appointments in the area today.”

“I see.” He pulled an engraved pen from its stand on the corner of his desk. “No doubt with other managers you plan to woo.” As he signed the contract, he nearly pressed the ink pen through the paper. And on the second copy, the page actually tore.

Uh. Was he pissed professionally because he wasn’t the only hotel account she intended to sign, or… She fought the urge to fan herself. The idea of Jase being jealous, caveman-y, made her want to climb into his desk chair with him. With effort, she made herself recall that night at the election debate when Ted Kettle brought up her sexcapades with an “employee” in front of all those interested voters. The things she’d done with Jase, and where she’d gone to do them, could never, ever go public.

 Mixing business


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Romance is sexy. And often funny, and sometimes tangled up with suspense. Let’s face it: all sorts of things get mixed up with romance in real life.

Piper Denna’s stories are not cut-and-dried romance. Her characters deal with issues female readers can relate to: independence and trust, empowerment, inhibition, an unfaithful partner, motherhood. Sometimes her characters make mistakes, and often her “bad guys” are not 100% bad. She hopes to take the reader on an emotional journey to a happy ending…with enviable sexual encounters along the way.

When she’s not writing, she edits, raises two teens along with her husband, and collects scrapbooking material.

She enjoys books or movies with a comedic twist and hopefully a love story with lots of tension, too.

Sexiest parts of a man in Piper’s opinion? The hands and eyes. Shoulders are nice too, and of course, great pecs are never amiss…


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Why being a writer is like motherhood

Whoa! What did she say? Being a writer is like being a mum? She probably doesn’t have kids…

Actually I do. Two gorgeous little sproglings who drive me crazy. Which is why I can honestly say that being a writer is exactly like venturing into parenting – because I’ve done both.

Before having babies we had an idea of how it should be. I am probably the worst person for saying things like “I won’t let my kids watch TV for 8 hours a day.” It’s the summer holidays, I still have to work, it was raining, so I stuck the TV on and let them watch it all day the other. “I won’t let my kids have tablets in their bedrooms.” Guess where they are right now… It was the same pre-writing. “I won’t change who I am once I’ve written a novel.” I’ve created two personas – mum-me and writer-me.


A naive, 20-year old me. Pre-child.

Every pregnancy is different. I know women who walked through 9 months, pop out a baby, and voila! Parent. I know women who struggled to get pregnant, and went down every avenue to have their precious child. Personally, I had a horrendous time throughout the process. Getting pregnant? Took me 3 years. The pregnancy? Well I’ve lost 4 babies, my daughter was born by emergency c-section at 32 weeks, and with my son I was hospitalised from 27 weeks onwards and then his labour was 36 hours long.

Writing is no different. I know writers who sat down, tapped on a keyboard, threw up a great novel, got published and now have writing as a full-time career. I know writers who have an amazing amount of talent but struggle to finish anything. I’ve been rejected numerous times – I kept my very first rejection letter to keep me grounded for when I hit the big time. I went the long route as well. I wrote fiction, but started working as a freelance writer and through that made connections in the publishing industry, which most definitely helped with getting that coveted contract (of which I now have two!)

Pregnancy is a time to nurture. You’re growing a child – a tiny little miracle that begins as an egg and develops into a living, breathing, human being that you can hold in your arms. You’re given a load of advice, lists of Dos and Don’ts, and you don’t know what to believe. Mums who have been there, done that, tell you what it should be like. “Oh I ate blue cheese throughout my pregnancy with little Zak.” Doctors who haven’t ever given birth tell you “Braxton Hicks don’t hurt” (trust me they do). You buy book after book, scour the internet, write a birthing plan… And then that goes out the window the moment your first contraction kicks in.

Writing is the same. You have this seed of an idea that you want to grow into a fruitful career. You care for it, nurture it, develop it. Other writers try to intervene with contradicting advice. “An adverb is telling now showing.” “Adverbs are fine.” “Don’t say she said, he said, tell us how they’re saying it.” “Don’t describe dialogue, it should be obvious.” So you buy book after book, scour the internet, write a plotline… And then the characters take you in a completely different direction.

Giving birth. Oh. My. God. Some women brag how they birthed their children without painkillers, at home, in a car, up a tree… Okay, maybe not up a tree, but you get the picture. Me? Well, an emergency c-section at 32 weeks was not on the birthing plan, and because of the complications I’d had with my son, I wasn’t even allowed to make a plan!

Producing a book? It can be just as painful as labour. There are writers out there who don’t bother editing or getting a Beta-reader, they just through it at an agent and poof! A book appears. They are rare though. Most writers, including myself, finish a novel and then spending longer going through edits than they did writing the original story. I have three trusted Beta-readers, 2 are my highly critical best-friends and 1 is a fellow writer. 2 women and a man. Exactly like in the labour suite – 2 midwives and a very confused husband. I also pay someone to read it and give me an honest critique – she’s a bit like the health visitor. The woman who you trust to give you good advice, because it’s her job.

There you have it. Your new baby. And writers do tend to consider their books as children. But it doesn’t stop there. You don’t give birth and throw it out into the wide world alone. We’re not sharks! Well, not all of us.


Pregnant me

Your book goes through the same stages as a growing child. You need to teach it the way of the world, get it out into the open, and show it off. You need to choose appropriate clothing in the form of a book jacket. You need to work with your editor to make it as perfect as possible, teaching it right from wrong. You let other people read it for their critiques.

Parents will ask, “What age should you stop breast feeding?” “When should you potty train?” “Does this look like chicken pox?”

Writers will ask, “Is this a good first chapter?” “Is there a different way I can say this?” “Is this chapter necessary at all?”

If you’re going down the traditional publishing route, it’s a bit like sending your baby off to school. You have to trust that the publisher knows what they’re doing, but if you’re not happy you have every right to ask questions and make suggestions. “What’s that? A bigger title is bullying my book off the shelf?” That’s because that title has an entourage of reviewers behind it. That’s because that title went viral. Sometimes this happens, and there is nothing you can do. You can protect your book, hide it away from the public eye, and hope the big book goes away. Or you can tell your book to stand its ground and prove that they are the better story. Tell your publisher that you’re not happy with the sales and they will give you some advice with regards to marketing and publicity.

Some parents hire a home tutor for their children. Writers should most definitely do some home tutoring themselves – social media, blog tours, media interviews, release blitzes, reviews… It all helps to mould and improve your book’s chances of getting higher up the ladder.

Home-schooling is an option, as is self-publishing. I don’t know much about either of these options. I trust our education system since I work at the local primary school. However, I have ventured into the realm of self-publishing. My first novella was self-published. Like a new parent, I had no clue what I was doing and it was all guess work. It didn’t go so well. But like with a first child, I learned from my mistakes (yeah, us first-borns are always practice kids according to my Mum!) and when Seven Dirty Words was finished, it was a marked improvement. But if you get the advice and do the research, you can be just as good as an established education department or publisher.

Your child has flown the nest. Off to uni, got married and had kids of their own… But they’re still your child. I still ring or text my mum every day for advice or a moan, especially when it comes to parenting and cooking. Yup, you guessed it… Just because your book is published and on the shelf, doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

All those interviews? Connections with your readers? They still need to continue. You still need to be the proud parent, showing it off whenever you can.


My other children

Tomorrow is the day…

City Nights: One Night in Edinburgh


One Night in Edinburghby Charlotte Howard - 200

It’s all over Facebook and Twitter that tomorrow is an important day in publishing, because Sylvia Day’s next Crossfire novel is out, and I am just as excited as the other Gideon Cross fans. But, for me, tomorrow is more important because it is also the release date of my first short erotic story, One Night in Edinburgh, a part of Tirgearr Publishing’s City Night series.

It was a challenge to write. The brief was to pick a city, anywhere in the world that hasn’t been a part of the series already, and write a short story / novella of around 25k words. It must be a contemporary erotic tale that takes place over a period of 12 – 24 hours. I already knew that I would choose Edinburgh. It’s one of my favourite cities to visit, and I have some great memories of time spent there. The problem was to have a whole day spread over 25,000 words! If you’ve read any of my other books you’ll know that a day usually takes up two or three chapters, perhaps four or five depending on the scene. That works out around 7,500 words – nowhere near the 25k guideline!

Once I sat down and thought about the story though, it flowed. I wrote the entire first draft in the space of three days. It took a while longer to edit and polish, but by the end of the month I had a novella that I was happy to submit.

The Story:

The story centres around Chloe Shade, who has travelled to Edinburgh in order to meet with a potential client. Lowe ‘n Beholden are one of the adult shops, and Chloe’s company is desperate to get their line of sex toys stocked with them. Unfortunately the travel arrangements didn’t take Chloe’s fear of flying into account. It’s on the plane that she meets Ethan, a sexy American who takes her completely by surprise. It’s not long before Chloe is seduce by his charm and ends up in his car, bed, and everywhere else he can get her. But there are bigger surprises to come and Chloe will have 24 hours to make some life-changing decisions.


“This is a short erotica novella that will only take most readers about an hour to read, but it is packed with hot and steamy scenes of making love….

…Considering how much had to be done for the set up and plot, then adding in the needed love scenes (because all good romances these days have hot private times written in), I believe the author has done an outstanding job with this tale. Charlotte Howard has a talent for storytelling and I will be keeping a close eye on her in the future.”

Read the full review by Huntress Reviews here.

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