A-Z of Romance: E is for Excitement and enticement

Okay, so now we get onto the sexy part of romance.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, after so many years it can become samey, and almost dull, if you let it. Lots of relationships fall apart because the spark dissolves, and the couple stop talking. But if you keep communicating to each other, then you might be able to keep that spark alight. Talk to your partner about why you’re in a stalemate, and most of the time the answer will be “There’s no excitement anymore.”

Now you don’t have to go out buying whips, chains, and school-girl outfits to ignite the passion. Because, unless you’re really into those things (perhaps secretly otherwise you’ve probably got them in your cupboard anyway), you could end up in an embarrassing situation. Excitement could be as simple as a nice meal out, away from the home, with candles and wine, blah, blah, blah. Or it could be a weekend away in a posh hotel. It truly depends on you.

But eventually (and hopefully) things will lead to the bedroom department – and how do you excite and entice in there? How about not making it to the bedroom for a start? You have several rooms in your house. Use and abuse them! Send the kids away to Nanny’s or a friends for the night, close the curtains (important part!!) and try something different.

Make an effort with your looks as well – BOTH OF YOU. Get the razor out, wear that skimpy dress that you’ve shoved under your bed, never to be seen again, and dig out those killer heels. If you feel sexy, you will look sexy.


Lipstick is supposed make our lips look fuller and more attractive, representing certain, ahem, female parts. 

You don’t need a sex therapist to tell you that trying something new could liven things up in the bedroom. Buy a copy of the Kama Sutra if you have to!

Sex doesn’t need to be missionary and kissy to be romantic. Add some spice, turn up the heat, and remember to cuddle afterwards – the next day (with any luck) you will find yourselves automatically falling back into the honeymoon period.