Guest bloggers, interviews, and reviews

Writer / Author friends – please share!!

I’ve decided to start doing guest blogging, interviews, and reviews on my blog. I’ll be doing one a week, which will then be linked to my FB page, Twitter feed, Google+, and LinkedIn, which will get you a whole load of coverage! Unlike some who claim to ‘help authors’, I will not be charging you. All I ask is that you place a link to your guest post on your social media page. (Book reviews will need a copy to be sent to my Kindle.)

If you’re interested send me a message through my Facebook page with your email address and I’ll send you the details.

Calling All New / Indie Writers!

Before I go any further, I should explain that I have discovered the world of smartphones & apps so am writing this from my phone. So I apologise for any weirdness or errors!

Now onto the main point:

A new website is currently in development:

As part of this website, as well as blatant self-promotion, I will be reviewing new and Indie writers! If you’d like me to read, review and promote your book, please send me a message via my Facebook page. Once I have an email address set up, you can message me that way.

I will also be having a Q & A section, so if you have any questions you’d like me to answer, again, message me via Facebook!

I’m so excited by all the things that are happening this year!!

See you all later!!

(Seven Dirty Words is due to be published in January 2013)