Teddy’s Day at Playgroup

Today I was asked by my son’s playgroup to take our rabbit, Teddy, in so that I could talk to the children about pet care.  Here is what Teddy has to say about his exciting trip:


“Hello everyone!  My name is Teddy, and I am a three-year-old bunny.  Today, my Mum took me to playgroup to see William and all of his friends.  I was a little frightened at first, but once Mum took me out of my box and started giving me cuddles, I settled down.  The children wanted to know all about me.  They were told that they all had to be quiet and still because my long ears mean I can hear even the slightest of sounds, which can scare me, and with my big feet I could easily hop away!  But I was a good boy and nearly fell asleep on Mum’s knee.

We took in a bag of my food as well, and showed the children what I ate.  Mum explained that I like to eat lots of vegetables including carrots and cabbage, and fruits like apples and bananas.  She also told them that it’s important for me to have lots of grass and hay to eat so that my teeth are kept healthy and strong, and don’t overgrow.  William helped by showing everyone the cereal that I eat for my breakfast.  It’s made up of grains, corn, peas and carrot.

We also talked about where I live.  Mum told the children that I live in a hutch outside and that it is cleaned out every week.  But sometimes I do have to come inside, especially when it is very cold or very wet.

Afterwards, all the children came up to stroke me.  I stayed very still, and the children were all nice and gentle.  They all said what soft and warm fur I have.

It was fun visiting the playgroup, and I hope I can go back again one day.

Love Teddy.”