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Yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s time for a Smashwords Summer Sale.

Facebook found this ad extremely offensive and sexually explicit, so any kind of marketing has failed miserably. But, I know my lovely readers, fans, and followers will be happy to share either this post or the Facebook ad on my page.

Smashwords Sale!

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Take advantage of the sale and fill your ereader with some great books!

What The Reviewers Are Saying:

Stranded: 5-STARS “I would imagine that things could easily get pretty intense when you’re in a spot like theirs. As it turns out, intense and steamy would be a better choice of adjectives!”

One Night in Edinburgh: 5-STARS “This story had me wanting more and definitely had me wanting to visit Edinburgh.”

One Night in Inverness: 5-STARS “It’s a very real and believable story with realistic characters who for once are not perfect. Hot sex scenes, emotionally charge story, splash of humour, lovely setting. A very enjoyable read for anyone who likes a sexy romance.”

One Night in Aberdeen: 5-STARS “Super, sexy read with great characters. Finished reading it in one sitting. Loved it!”

The Final Straight: 5-STARS “Keep [sic] me on the edge of my seat the entire time.”

Seven Dirty Words: 5-STARS “People are linking it with 50 shades of grey…but in my opinion this book is so much better…better story and definately [sic] better written!”

Four Letter Words: 5-STARS “A fantastic fabulous read, couldn’t put it down, an excellent conclusion to the story, for me I prefered these books to 50 shades. I will look out for more Charlotte Howard to read.”

The Black Door: 5-STARS “A really well written getaway. I enjoyed loosing [sic] myself in the story, so much so that I can’t believe I have finished and it’s time to go back to real life.”

A Different Kind of Therapy: 4-STARS “This is a quick, filthy, fun read, suitable for anyone getting into kink. It’s particularly good if you prefer your heroines sparky and smart, and are happy with the idea of switching and table-turning.”

And of course, don’t forget that Later is still available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited! You can also buy both Later and Taking Care of Leah in paperback if you prefer.


Later: 5-STARS “It takes a lot for a book to draw me in – but this one I couldn’t put down! I really enjoyed the storyline and was intrigued as to how it would end.”

Taking Care of Leah: 4-STARS “I liked the real-life developing intimate relationship, where Ty is keen to encourage Leah into BDSM, and she’s curious to try it. The need to develop trust, respect and care is nicely woven into the storyline.”



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#99p / #99c on #Kindle

Later -ebook


Claudia Martins and her boss, Elliot Shepherd have worked together for five years, and have become close friends. After her boyfriend cheats on her, Claudia turns to Elliot for support. But, she’s been offered a job with a rival company – one that comes with the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and make something of herself, and one that means leaving Elliot behind.

Would you pick a man over your dream job?

99p _ 99c (1).png

Another year has passed by far too quickly, and on 3rd June, I will turn 37. Growing up, I always wanted to be two things: a vet, and a writer. Sadly, the vet thing didn’t work out, but through hard work and sheer bloody-mindedness, the writer bit has. I may not be a best-selling author with millions in the bank, but I have been published in 18 different books. I currently have 11 romance titles, 1 urban fantasy titles, and 2 non-fiction guides published, through both traditional and self-publishing routes, under my legal name and under pen-names. And, let’s not forget the awards I’ve either won or been short-listed for!

When it came to publishing Later, I was in two minds. I wanted it to be traditionally published, but at the same time, my publishers tend to limit to e-books unless they are big sellers, and I wanted it to be available in paperback. I know it’s not the best (I’ve been over it since publishing and have found a few errors that got missed in the editing rounds), but it is self-published. I created the cover myself, which pushed me to start RWLS.

Entering my 30s has been an interesting journey. Seven Dirty Words was first published when I was 29, literally days before my 30th birthday, and a few months later, I was admitted into hospital for a hysterectomy. Anyone who follows my blog will know how many health problems I’ve suffered over the years! But, it’s also been an eye-opener. I’m learning to be more honest with myself, and stop hiding away. I’ve lived with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager, and it’s taken me this long to learn how to handle it.

In September 2018, my husband turned 40, and my daughter went up to secondary school. This was a catalyst for me. I have a child approaching their teens and I am approaching mid-life. It’s time for me to stop being someone I’m not. It’s time for me to start being a little bit selfish. It’s time for me to start saying no! There were a few people who didn’t like it, and have stopped speaking to me. At first I was upset by this, but over the past few months I’ve come to realise that my life is better off without them. I feel free to be myself, because I’m no longer putting on a mask to please them. And I am so much happier. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.


To celebrate the new me, and my birthday, I have reduced Later to just 99p / 99c on Kindle. It is also available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited.


The Final Straight #99p #99c #romance


To celebrate Valentine’s, The Final Straight has been reduced to 99p / 99c on Kindle


April Miller works for her best-friend, Max Knight on his livery and competition yard. Their friendship has withstood many turbulent times, and while April is deeply in love with Max, she is also aware of his womanising ways and has refused to succumb to his flirtatious charms. When her ex, AJ, suddenly comes back with a business proposal, April finds herself torn between the two men.


April stared at the few black blobs on the screen. She knew they should have formed sentences, but her mind was elsewhere and unable to create readable words out of the muddle. The biro’s plastic end crunched between her back teeth.

She’d managed as much as ‘Dear AJ,’ when a knock on the door disturbed her. Max poked his head around and gave her the same soulful puppy-eyed look he always did after he’d managed to upset her.

“What do you want, Max?” she asked, pretending to be engrossed in whatever was on her screen.

“Peace offering,” he said, walking in and putting the mug of tea by the mouse pad.

She looked up at him. The frustration and irritation faded. “I’m sorry for snapping.”

Max sank into the chair opposite. “I’m sorry for…”

April raised her eyebrows, waiting for him to finish the sentence. “Shagging everything in sight?” she suggested. “You need to watch yourself.”

“I know.”

“I don’t think you do. Every time your bedroom antics are flaunted, I get a phone call. Six o’clock this morning and Banks was on the phone screeching at me. You hadn’t even got out of the shower and I was helping him load his horses onto a lorry.”

Confusion spread across his face, giving him the look of an innocent teenager.

“She woke up, and you weren’t there,” April reminded him. “Of course she’s going to ring her dad, who, may I remind you, has a shotgun license. You’re lucky it was only money he was cutting off.”

Max winced. “I am sorry.”

April hummed, not sure whether to believe him. “They are the second client we’ve lost this month because of you. I’m fed up of having to placate pissed off husbands and fathers.” She rubbed at the corners of her eyes as her contact lenses began to itch. “We have a board meeting next week. Please don’t make me ask them for more money.”

“Hey,” he cooed, sweeping around to her. He knelt by her leg, taking her pale knuckles in his hands. “You won’t need to.”

“I will if we run out and I can’t pay the bills. I can’t afford to forfeit my wage to support this place.”

“No,” he said, with a shake of his head. “That won’t happen.”

“I do have something for you to consider.”

“What? Anything if it will cheer you up.”

“The college rang and asked if we’d be willing to take on a work experience girl over the summer holidays.”

He dropped her hands, stood up, and began to pace in front of the desk. “You know how I feel about that.”

“It would be free labour, good publicity, and we’d be helping her out. Good karma, which is something I think you need.”

“I just have…” he hovered around the words. “Standards.”

“I’m asking you to hire her, not sleep with her.”

He scooped her into his arms and carried her up the stairs. “I love you, April Miller, and tonight I_m going to prove it.”He scooped her into his arms and carried her up the stairs

What the readers are saying:

I can remember some of the first horse stories I read as a child and this is NOT one of those, no, this is a story for grownups who want a love story with a complex plot . . . I have to say that I enjoyed this story written in British dialect. As an American it is always intriguing to learn new terminology and phrasing while reading a new story. The flashbacks were numerous but fit in with the story . . . I liked the characters in the book and was rooting for April to make the right decision in the end. ~ Cathy Geha, Goodreads

• • •

The Final Straight is a straightforward; no holds barred sort of romance, and rather fun to get caught up in. Author Charlotte Howard makes excellent use of time jump to convey the back story of her characters. The plot is sensational enough to be fully believable to most equestrians, and the pacing is spot on. There is a comfortably familiar edge to this novel: it fits within its genre precisely as it ought to. Whilst the central characters are far from being perfect people, they are exactly the right people to carry this storyline. A fine balance is kept between poignancy and insufferableness – it is difficult not to want to intervene and tell them all to see sense! And that is undoubtedly a key aspect where this sort of romantic fiction is involved. Although far from a novice read, given the explicit nature of some of the material, this novel remains forward going enough to satisfy from start to finish. With just enough personal tragedy and growth in the mix, it is a thoroughly enjoyable journey to follow. ~ E.V. Greig, Goodreads

• • •

A gripping story . . . A little bit of every emotion and enough twists to make you want to see it through to the end. ~ Natalie, Goodreads


New Year’s Resolution 2019 #newyears #resolutions #amreading #amwriting #bookblogger #reviews


It’s that time of year when we all start to think about making resolutions. For me, 2019 is going to be all about making my writing a full-time career. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to write more – in fact, I plan to write less. In the past 12 months, I’ve written five books, and I’m still not making six-figures. I’m not even making four-figures, so the problem is now how much I’m writing, but how much I’m marketing. And that’s where I need to make some big changes.


I have more than one blog, and all of them have fallen a bit flat just recently. I plan on changing that. For this blog, I’m going to open it up a bit more. I will be hosting more blog tours, cover reveals, release blitzes, sales promos, and reviews. I will also have a “Book of the Month”, where I will host and review a title that I have particularly enjoyed and think deserves five-stars.

Reviews will be placed on Amazon, Goodreads, and this blog, shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

If you are interested in any of these, I would highly recommend contacting Lucy Felthouse at Writer Marketing Services:


I used to be an avid reader, but over the past five years, I’ve found that I’m too busy to just sit down and read. That needs to change. I will read pretty much any genre (although I’m not a huge fan of hardcore erotica), and have bookshelves and a Kindle full of titles that are begging to be read. Every year I take part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. In 2018, I read 7 books, and most of them were titles related to my degree. In 2019, I’m challenging myself to read two books a month. Every book I read, will be reviewed honestly, because authors love reviews!


I’m supposed to be taking a break from writing romance. I’ll be honest, I’ve fallen out of love with it. I still enjoy reading it, but I’m struggling to come up with new ideas. So, 2019, I’ll be focusing on my paranormal / fantasy alter-ego, C.V. Leigh. I have one book coming out next year, and have another one yet to be submitted. I’m also writing a YA fantasy that my highly critical daughter is helping with.


That doesn’t mean I’m walking away from romance, I just need to take a step back and re-evaluate what it means to me.

Sales & Marketing

I have some sales set up for the new year already, with a Valentine’s promo set up for February. This will include some of my romance titles. And don’t forget that Later is free to read through Kindle Unlimited, and Stranded is free through all good e-retailers!

I want 2019 to be successful. I plan to play as hard as I work.

What do you have planned?

Read the first chapter of Later for free! #99p #99c #kindleunlimited #free #romance

Later -ebook


‘LATER’ is now available on Amazon Kindle for 99p / 99c, or free on Kindle Unlimited. It is also available in print.


Claudia Martins and her boss, Elliot Shepherd have worked together for five years, and have become close friends. After her boyfriend cheats on her, Claudia turns to Elliot for support. But, she’s been offered a job with a rival company – one that comes with the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and make something of herself, and one that means leaving Elliot behind.

Would you pick a man over your dream job?

print poster

Chapter One:

Claudia sipped at her water and stared at the man sat opposite her. Damien Crowley, CEO of Crowley’s International, stared back with intense brown eyes. He was in his late fifties, and although he was old enough to be her father, she thought he was still a handsome man. But, it wasn’t his looks that stopped her from speaking.

She glanced down at the contract he’d slid across the table. It was everything she could ever have dreamed; personal assistant to Mr. Crowley meant travelling the world, a pay-rise, a company car, a wardrobe allowance, and more importantly, it meant that at twenty-five years old, she finally had the chance of being someone. Yet, her conscience tugged at her heart. Working for Crowley’s also meant leaving Aries Limited, and leaving Elliot Shepherd.

Her employment at Aries Limited had started off as a temporary position, covering for a receptionist while she finished her degree, but Elliot had taken her under his wing. He’d mentored her, and eventually, she had been made his PA. But, she also knew that it was the highest rung on the corporate ladder as far as his company was concerned, and the bonuses were limited.

“I would say take all the time you need, Miss Martins, but I need an answer by Friday.” Mr. Crowley checked his watch, the sunlight that streamed through the restaurant windows caught the diamonds and shattered into a rainbow across the cream linen. “If you would like to take some legal advice, I can recommend a lawyer.”

“I doubt I could afford them,” Claudia said, trying to smile and find some humour in the situation. She’d always relied on comedy to mask her nerves, something that Elliot understood, smirking at her little self-deprecating jokes. Mr. Crowley, however, frowned. Claudia cleared her throat. “Thank you,” she said. “I appreciate the offer, and I will certainly give it my full attention.”

“Good.” He clicked his fingers, beckoning a waiter over, and handed him a few notes to pay for the light lunch they’d eaten – a light lunch that had cost more than Claudia spent on a whole week’s worth of groceries. Mr. Crowley stood up and straightened his suit jacket. “Please understand Miss Martins, you were head-hunted for a good reason. If there is anything…” He tapped a long finger on the contract. “That you don’t understand, or you want changing, you only need to call me.” He pulled a business card from an inside pocket and placed it on top of the papers. “The ball is in your court.” He winked, and one corner of his lips curved into a smile.

She looked over her shoulder and watched him leave the restaurant, waiting until he was sat in the back seat of his Jaguar, and exhaled a thick breath. She was grateful when her phone trilled, breaking the tension that had settled in her shoulders and reminding her that she had to go and pick up the tickets to Charlie’s gig before heading back to the office. Standing up, she hooked her handbag over her shoulder and clutched the contract to her chest as though it were worth its weight in gold – to her, it was. She wondered what she was going to do with it; it was too big to hide in her bag, and she still had to work four more hours until she could go home.

Her stomach churned. Claudia walked down the busy streets of London, the smell of a dying autumn mixed with the steady heat and fumes being spat out by the stand-still traffic. She went to the bar first. Posters had been slapped across the outside walls and windows, advertising her boyfriend’s band, due to play live that Friday night. She’d never been to one of his gigs, and he’d been raving all month about how they were about to hit the big time, so to surprise him had bought an Access All Areas pass. She tucked it inside her wallet and made her way back to the tall, looming offices of Aries Limited.

It was almost two o’clock before she was back behind her desk. Her makeup had begun to melt, and her hair had started to come loose from its top knot, with sticky curls clinging to her neck and forehead. She hid the contract in the bottom drawer of her desk, and retrieved her emergency makeup clutch from her handbag, then went over to the door that connected her office to Elliot’s. With any luck, he’d be stuck in another board meeting and she’d be able to use his private bathroom to freshen up before he realised that she was running late.

Claudia pressed her ear against the wood and listened carefully. There was no shouting, no swearing, and no exhausted sighing coming from the other side, which meant that she was in with a good chance of it being empty. She wrapped her hand around the brass knob and twisted slowly, peering around the door. She jogged across the office floor towards his bathroom.

Slipping out of her high-heeled court shoes, she peeled off the tan-coloured tights, swearing when her nail went straight through the nylon fabric. She pulled the bobble from her hair and stripped out of the white blouse, draping it over the closed toilet. Running the taps, she filled the sink with cool water, and splashed it around her neck, under her arms, and over her face, rinsing away the residue of smog and sweat that clung to her like a second skin. There was a white towel hanging on the rail by the door – she was careful to pat herself dry and hang it back as it was.

Chewing on her bottom lip, she opened the mirrored door of the medicine cabinet and borrowed the spray deodorant that she knew Elliot kept in there. It wasn’t unusual for him to work all night, so he’d asked her to stock his office and bathroom like it was a mini apartment. The powdery scent floated around her, and she inhaled the pure masculinity of it. She was reapplying her mascara when he opened the door.

“Shit!” She jumped, stabbing herself in the eye with the wand. Tears streamed down her cheeks, leaving inky stains.

“Crap, Claudia, I’m sorry…” Elliot grabbed a cotton face cloth and soaked it in the sink before pressing it to her face. “I didn’t…” He stopped. “Why are you in here?”

Claudia looked up at him with one eye as she wiped away the remnants of her smudged and smeared makeup. He glanced over her. “And why are you half naked?”

“Sorry,” she mumbled, crossing an arm over her chest to cover what was left of her dignity.

Elliot shook his head and left her to it. Quickly, Claudia washed her face and re-dressed, tossing the torn tights into a small metal bin by the sink. She rinsed the face cloth, wringing it out and folding it back into a square.

“Sorry,” she said again, stepping back into the office. She raked her fingers through her curly brown hair, pulling it into a high bun. “I was running late from lunch, and got all hot and sweaty…”

Elliot chuckled. “It’s fine.” He sat behind his desk, his eyes fixed on his screen. “Next time I want to use my bathroom, I’ll knock to make sure there aren’t any stalkers hiding in there.”

Claudia rolled her eyes and sat in the chair opposite him. She took him in. He was dressed in a navy suit, with a crisp white shirt, and had an expensive watch fastened around his wrist. His blue-grey eyes were hidden by the thin-rimmed glasses he wore, and his dark brown hair had recently been trimmed, “How was the meeting?” she asked.

He shrugged. “Same shit, different day. More red tape and bureaucratic bullshit. How was lunch?”

She bit her lips together and ignored the heat rising in her cheeks. “Good. Thanks.”

“And, you managed to get those tickets?”

She nodded. “Yes. Thank you. Charlie will be thrilled.”

He looked up. “You don’t sound so sure.”

“It’s been tough, you know… Since he…” She trailed off and looked around the room, resting her sights on the Yucca plant in the back corner – anywhere but on Elliot.

“Since he cheated on you, broke your heart, and destroyed any trust you had left,” he said for her.

She shot a look at him. “Yes, since that.”

“You know I’m here for you.” His tone was subtle, gentle, and he looked at her with a soft gaze. Elliot sighed and removed his glasses to pinch at the bridge of his nose.

“You look tired,” she said.

“I am. It’s been a long week.”

“It’s only Tuesday,” Claudia pointed out.

Elliot shook his head, waking himself up. “There are more meetings lined up for next week. I’ll email them over, so you can add them to the diary. Dad might be joining us at some point. I need to set up a meeting with Yvette and Marcel as well,” he said, referring to the two lawyers he preferred to use. “Nothing to worry about, just—”

“Red tape and bureaucratic bullshit,” she said with a nod.

Elliot snorted a laugh. “Yes. That.”

“Okay.” Claudia stood up and brushed her hands down her skirt. “Thank you for…” She pointed at the bathroom.

“Any time.” He gave a dismissive wave, and she took the cue to leave.

Sinking back into her own chair, she pulled the contract that Mr. Crowley had given her and started to flick through it, scanning over each page. She wondered if Marcel would be willing to look over it for her, or whether that would be bad business. Her phone trilled out, and she swiped at the screen to see a text from Charlie announcing that he would be late home that evening due to another band practice. She fired one back saying she was working late too. At least a couple of extra hours alone would give her time to consider all of her options.