The Brick

At our last writers group meeting, we were presented with half a brick and given 10 minutes to write something about it. These exercises are great for writers – you don’t have time to edit, you just have to write what comes into your head and read it back. It really lets you see how creative your mind is. Here is what I came up with:

“It stood alone, cast in the shadows of time. One single brick. The last of many. What this brick had seen could fill several memoires. Births, deaths, marriage, divorce… It had watched over many generations, protecting them when the bombs fell, hiding them from the riots. It had welcomed home those that returned and mourned those that hadn’t.

The wallpaper had changed. The paint had been layered over plaster. But the brick remained the same. And yet now, as the dust settles, it lies. Forgotten. The blood of time drips over its mottled shell, leaving a stain of abandonment.

The brick is all that’s left. And while tears will fall for the bodies as they are lowered into death’s gaping mouth, no-one remembers the brick.”

I challenge you to try it. Pick up the first object you see on your desk and give yourself ten minutes to write about it. No editing, no thinking, just write. I’d love to see what people come up with!