Paid reviews

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a rant about paid reviews before, but considering the email I received today, I felt the need to have another one. Then I re-read the email, and changed my mind. I’m not going to rant about people who get paid to read a book and then leave fake 5-star reviews, I’ve decided to join them.

The email I got today told me that for $150 + a print and Kindle copy of my book, this person would read and review my book. For $250, they would give me a guaranteed 5-star review. Now I can easily read 10 books a month given the time. (Okay, so I’ve been stuck on Haunted by Kelley Armstrong for weeks now, and I’ve only managed 4 chapters of Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs since I started reading it a couple of weeks ago, but I blame kids and having them at home. Holidays are over, I have time to read again! Yay!!) But say I do read 10 books a month – at $150 a pop (I can’t bring myself to guaranteeing 5-stars, especially if it’s utter rubbish), that’s $1,500 a month for reading and typing a few words on Amazon, then copying and pasting it on Kobo, B&N, GR, and wherever else. Sounds like a dream job to me.

Seriously though, I do understand why writers pay for reviews, but would you really pay $250 for ONE 5-star review that you know is fake?!?!  I couldn’t do that. I like the reviews Seven Dirty Words has had, even the less complimentary ones, because they are honest and help me as a writer to improve and connect with my readers. Plus, from a reader’s perspective, if I knew that someone had paid for a 5-star review, it would put me off buying their books.

I’m not going to say that I’m not in this for the money, fame, and glory because it’s certainly nice. Well, the money is. Fame and glory seem to have skipped me by. But, I don’t write because I want to be paid to sit on my backside in front of a computer. If that was the case, I’d work in telesales. I write because it’s in my blood, and I honestly get withdrawal if I don’t do it. (No, really, I do. I didn’t write anything over the summer holidays and felt sick and shaky – or that could have been 6 weeks with the kids and no break!) Fake reviews would ruin that for me. I’d feel like a sell-out.

Still, saying that… If anyone does want me to pay $X to read their book, email me!!