A Day In The Life…

This bank holiday weekend is (so far) glorious. Yesterday, we had a spur of the moment BBQ, and today we took the kiddywinks and dog for a walk around the fields and forests near Ham Hill.


HamHill One of the views we came across…

My dog, Leela, proved herself to be very well behaved and trained off the lead. Although she also proved that (like me and the children) she ignores her Daddy when he calls her. However me or the children, and she comes running back! (Like I said, well trained) I also noticed how when she did wander off, it was because she’d lost sight of the kids, and once she found them, she tried to herd them back to us. Bless her little cotton sock!


Leela after a long, hard day!

I’ve lived in Somerset for 10 years now (on and off), and while I have been to Ham Hill on several occasions, I’ve never really been anywhere other than the monument and the Prince of Wales pub. So today was a bit of an exciting adventure for me as well!

I have to admit, I did my usual trick though. Made sure there was suncream and water for the children, packed spare clothes just in case, checked they had hats and jackets… Me? Oh, whoops! No suncream, no hat, no sunglasses (well, they got eaten by Leela the other day and I haven’t been out to buy a new pair yet!) so Mummy was left feeling the heat, quite literally. Fortunately, I was cooled down by a delicious ice cream at the end of the walk.

We figured we walked about 2 miles or so, and we thought we’d have tired children at the end of it. Ha! 4 and 5 year old, still hungry and wanting to play, Mummy & Daddy, wanting to sleep on the sofa. We compromised. Chicken nuggets & chips for dinner, whilst watching the highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix.

This all goes to prove that you don’t have to spend money to make kids happy. Just give them a forest to explore (we discovered dock leaves, buttercups, forget-me-nots, LOTS of nettles, butterflies, birds, badger setts, mole hills… The list is endless), fields to run in, and a whole heap of attention and love.


Becca’s picture to remember the day

I didn’t really begin to feel it properly until I sat down. But I can say now that my neck is sore and red, and I have that tired, heatstroke feeling… Hopefully a date with Steve McGarrett will distract me…

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday. I’m hoping it will be just as sunny and warm as it has been today so we can spend the time in that jungle we call a back garden. Although tomorrow I will make sure I at least have a bottle of water and suncream on before venturing outside…

A Day In The Life…

This idea is completely stolen from Robin Tidwell of Rocking Horse Publishing after she blogged a day in her life.  I thought it was interesting and funny, so decided to let you all have a sneak-peek into my average day too!  Be warned – it’s lengthy.

6.30 – Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.

6.45 – Alarm goes off again.  Hit snooze again.  Kids and dog wake up, join me in bed.  Hide under duvet & pillow.  Husband gets up and starts to organise kids.  I doze.

7.15 – Give up trying to sleep after dog licks my face and the cats start crying for their breakfast.  Check Facebook and like everything.  Check email. Get dressed, make breakfast, tell kids to eat breakfast quickly as we are now running late.  Check email again – surely someone loves me apart from the dead multimillionaire in Africa who wants to leave everything to me and all I have to do is send someone all of my bank details??

7.45 – Chuck kids in car, feed dog and cat as we’re leaving, drive husband to work.  Make note for the fifth time that week to look at getting a second car.

8.15 – Get home, race into house to grab school bags, throw another biscuit at the dog, take kids to school.

8.45 – Stand and talk in the playground, whilst freezing.  Shout at kids for playing on the steps.  Tell William off for jumping in the muddy puddles in his new trainers.  Make mental note to buy waterproof trousers and remember wellies tomorrow.

9.10 – Get home, have a shower and get changed.  Have a cup of tea.  Make a mental note of housework that needs to be ignored.

9.25 – It’s a toss up between watching Jeremy Kyle, doing the housework and walking the dog.  Dog whines.  Dog wins.  Take dog for walk.

10.30 – Get home.  Bath dog because she’s managed to roll in something that absolutely stinks!!  Have another cup of tea & check Facebook and email.  Nope.  Nobody loves me.

10.45 – Finally switch on PC.  Wait half an hour while it loads up.  Make another cup of tea, throw a load of washing into the machine, throw the cats out.  Feed rabbit.  Ring Mum.  Do some housework reluctantly.

11.30 – PC still loading… ring husband at work and blame him for whatever is going wrong that day.

11.40 – FINALLY!  Stick in pen drives , wait while they load up.  Make mental note to tell husband to get a new PC even though this one is supposedly brand new.  Check ranking on Amazon and review on Amazon and Goodreads.  Feel depressed because there aren’t any new ones.  Check KDP.  Feel depressed because self-published books still aren’t doing anything.  Consider taking them down.  Check email and find everything has been dumped in the Spam folder.  Typical.  Swear at PC.  Check Facebook and like EVERYTHING.

12.00 – Need tea.  Switch on tumble dryer, do dishes, make another cup of tea.  Check horoscopes.

12.30 – Argue with my grumbling stomach.  Open up WIP.  Read last chapter, edit, type new chapter title.  Stare at blank screen.

12.45 – Check Facebook.  Consider joining Facebook Anonymous.

12.50 – Open up blog and switch things around.  Open up webpage in editor mode – change backgrounds, move things around, and then go back to how it was in the first place.  Look at WIP.  Write a sentence.

1.15 – Give in and eat a packet of crisps.  Make more tea.  Let dog out, consider doing ironing.

1.30 – Back to PC.  Open up Helium, and do some actual work – editing, fact-checking, grading etc.  Realise I haven’t written an article in ages, and make mental note to write one later.

2.00 – WIP again.  Write rest of chapter.  Read it.  Edit it.  Delete it.  Re-write it.  Change mind and sift through for the original chapter.

2.45 – Alarm reminding me that I have children to pick up!!  Race out of the house, throwing another biscuit at the dog.

3.00 – Stand in playground, freezing, chatting.  Tell William off for jumping in muddy puddles in his new trainers.  Mental note: WELLIES!!  Ask what kids did at school and get same response as yesterday: “Dunno”.

3.30 – Get home.  Check diary – what day is it again?  Check Facebook on phone.  Like and share even more stuff.  Switch cartoons on for kids.  Cup of tea.  Sweep and mop floors.

3.50 – Help Rebecca with her homework and reading.  Throw dog out.  Let cats in.  Let dog in.  Let dog back out.  Make hot chocolate for kids.

4.00 – Damn it!  Dinner… Erm… Panic.

4.10 – Throw something in the oven.  Shout at oven when it doesn’t cook anything.  Switch oven on.

4.30 – Feed kids and myself.  Oh, that’s why my stomach was grumbling.  Cup of tea and watch TV whilst having cuddles.  Shout at kids for fighting.

5.30 – Time to go pick the husband up.  Make a mental note to look at getting a second car (again).

6.30 – Get home.  Is it bath night?  Run bath, leave Rich to bath kids.  Sort out lunch boxes for tomorrow, fire up laptop.  Collapse on sofa.

7.30 – Talk to husband… maybe.  Perhaps I’ll just watch another murder-mystery…  Check Facebook on phone.  Pass laptop (still on login screen) to husband.

10.00 – Bed with a book.  Check Facebook and email on phone one more time…  SLEEP!

Teddy’s Day at Playgroup

Today I was asked by my son’s playgroup to take our rabbit, Teddy, in so that I could talk to the children about pet care.  Here is what Teddy has to say about his exciting trip:


“Hello everyone!  My name is Teddy, and I am a three-year-old bunny.  Today, my Mum took me to playgroup to see William and all of his friends.  I was a little frightened at first, but once Mum took me out of my box and started giving me cuddles, I settled down.  The children wanted to know all about me.  They were told that they all had to be quiet and still because my long ears mean I can hear even the slightest of sounds, which can scare me, and with my big feet I could easily hop away!  But I was a good boy and nearly fell asleep on Mum’s knee.

We took in a bag of my food as well, and showed the children what I ate.  Mum explained that I like to eat lots of vegetables including carrots and cabbage, and fruits like apples and bananas.  She also told them that it’s important for me to have lots of grass and hay to eat so that my teeth are kept healthy and strong, and don’t overgrow.  William helped by showing everyone the cereal that I eat for my breakfast.  It’s made up of grains, corn, peas and carrot.

We also talked about where I live.  Mum told the children that I live in a hutch outside and that it is cleaned out every week.  But sometimes I do have to come inside, especially when it is very cold or very wet.

Afterwards, all the children came up to stroke me.  I stayed very still, and the children were all nice and gentle.  They all said what soft and warm fur I have.

It was fun visiting the playgroup, and I hope I can go back again one day.

Love Teddy.”