P is for… #Procrastination. #FridayFeeling #AmWriting #AmEditing

It’s Friday. Both my children are off sick (again), and I am full of cold myself. My ears hurt, my throat hurt, and I cried when a neighbour popped in to bring me teabags. It’s safe to say that I am not in the mood to do any kind of work at all. But, the joys of being self-employed mean that if I don’t work, then I don’t get paid. So, work I must.

Yesterday, I finally finished part one of a five-year project.

Yes, for five long years, possibly more, my brain has been overflowing with the idea for an epic high fantasy series. I’ve spoken about it before, several times, but now it’s more than a plot bunny digging a warren through my mind. It is a real-life thing, and the first part is a complete first draft.

end of part one


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I have many opening chapters, and eventually gave up and decided to concentrate on dialogue, creating a script for it instead. So, while I have a first draft, and it currently stands at around 350 minutes (five and a half hours) long – if it were to be made into a film – it is not the first draft of a novel.

As a High Fantasy series, it will be written under my pen name, C.V. Leigh, and I know I should be concentrating on either turning this into a novel, or getting on with the next bit. But, my thoughts are fuzzy, my ears are ringing, and I am starting to panic over Brexit and food shortages. I cannot concentrate on anything writing-related.

I’ve also started several other projects over the past month, including re-opening RW Literary Services. I’ve found that I have a habit of playing with Photoshop when I should be writing. It’s my procrastination method. I either read a book, watch Netflix, or take Hubby’s photos from his Glamour Monkey site, and photoshop them. I’ve been watching YouTube videos to learn new techniques, and I think I’m doing quite well!

Copyright 2019 Glamour Monkey

All Rights Reserved

And, I’ve started looking on other sites to find images that I’m able to use, turning them into possible book covers:

I’m aware that they’re not great, but I am still learning. I still procrastinating. (Book covers are available for sale if you want one – email RWLiteraryServices@gmail.com)

When I’m not playing with Photoshop, reading, or watching cosy-mystery movies, I’m panicking. I really need to stop watching the news, but I’m glued. With all the worry over Brexit, Mum-Me has started stocking up on anything we import and blogging about it.

Blogging – more procrastination. I’m working on re-establishing #TirgearrTuesday at the moment, and have set up several posts ready to share the work of myself and other Tirgearr authors. But what I really should be doing is writing.

Or editing.

Or something other than procrastinating…

Happy Friday!

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