Fulfilling fantasies… No, not that kind. #fantasy #amwriting #books


I’ve had a life-long fascination with fantasy and the paranormal, and grew up reading books by the likes of Tolkien and Pratchett. When it comes to writing, I’ve always found romance easy, and have struggled with my favoured genre. 2019, though, is all about fulfilling fantasies, and by that I mean that I’m going to write the stories that have been stuck in my head for years, never getting further than a few chapters on a page.

Recently, I tried my hand at screen-writing, and found that creating a script (although not very good) is easy, in the sense that I am writing down the dialogue and a basic storyline. There’s no way that I would consider submitting the scripts to an agent or producer – I don’t have the skills to write something that would make it past a slush-pile. However, I can use it for myself. I can write down the dialogue and basic movements, and then turn them into a book. So, while on paper it looks like a script, it’s really just a rough outline.

I am writing these books under the pen-name C.V. Leigh, and slowly building a following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m not hiding the fact that it’s me though. The only reason I’m using a pen-name is to separate my erotic and contemporary romance titles from the non-romantic fantasy and paranormal. But, you know all this because I wrote about it previously: here.


I’m taking it slowly. While I have two books that could be considered as High Fantasy that I’m working on, the first title(s) to be released will be urban paranormal titles, aimed at adult readers. There’s no gratuitous sex in them, but it is hinted at, and bad language is used. It’s been fun working on The Wolves of Faol Hall, and I’m looking forward to sharing a cover reveal and extracts once the edits are finished. I don’t know when it will be available just yet, but it will be published this year by Tirgearr Publishing, who have published several of my romance titles.

The Wolves of Faol Hall is (hopefully) a series of books, with two titles already written. The first is called The Change, and revolves around a family of werewolves / lycanthropes that live in the Scottish Highlands. It’s very different to anything I’ve written before, not only because it’s paranormal and has no sex in it, but because the focus isn’t on one particular character. In romance, I tend to write the story from two POVs – the hero and the heroine. In these books, there are four brothers, two women, and the antagonists that all have important opinions that need to be read about.

It’s also taken me longer to write than any of the romance titles. With titles like Seven Dirty Words, the first draft was complete in less than a month. With the Faol Hall titles, it took me six months before I was happy that this was a workable project. Fortunately, the hard work paid off, and they were accepted, meaning you’ll get to share in my fantasies in 2019.


The first High Fantasy title, and the script, that I’m currently working on has been an even longer project. I started writing a book with a working title of ‘The Second Moon‘ back in 2013, and since then it’s changed wildly, with plot lines developed, characters changed, and holes filled. However, the base remains the same. I described it to my friends as a “feminist protest against a patriarchal government”. The “script” is currently timed at 3 hours long, and isn’t even half-way through the first part, so I know this is going to be pretty epic. Although it’s important to remember that it’s only a draft, so likely to be chopped into tiny pieces before I’m happy to send it to a publisher.

The Second Moon is aimed at adult readers, with insinuated sex and profanity used throughout. But, I’m also writing a child-friendly fantasy. Written along the same lines as my other fantasy idea, it’s meant to be empowering for young girls. I started writing the book, working title ‘Charmed’ for my daughter. She wants to read what I write, but at 11-years-old, none of my titles are suitable. Whether Charmed gets published, or whether I write it solely for her, hasn’t been decided yet. I’ll leave that up to her.

Whatever happens, and whichever titles get finished and published, I’m having a lot of fun this year. My head is still full of romance ideas – just last night, I considered scribbling down a plotline. But they are remaining in my head. It’s going to be hard, and the feeling of having these stories crammed in my brain and not being put on paper is reminiscent of the time I decided to stop smoking. The urge to push out another erotic romance is incredible, but I need to be strong, and I need to focus my attention on other projects. I’ve been putting them off for too long.

So, here’s to 2019 and fulfilling fantasies.


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