So close…

Four years ago I decided to finish the English degree that I started when I was pregnant with my daughter – she’s about to turn 11 – and in 8 weeks time, my journey will be complete. It’s been an interesting ride, and I’ve learned so much more than I could have dreamed. The experience has been eventful, and when I complete it I should end up with a BA Hons Arts & Humanities with an English Language pathway. It’s helped with my writing, teaching me new language and literary skills that I hope to employ when I embark on my new journey. But I still have 8 weeks to go. 31st May is when my final assignment is due in. Until then, I’m still a student, but I’m so close I can almost taste the end and the victory have having finally completed my degree. It’s so close that it’s painful.

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I have four assignments due between now and then; 30th April, 3rd May, 30th May & 31st May. None of them are less than 2,500 words, and the longest is 3,000 words. Not much in the grand scheme of things – it should be pretty easy to bash out a total of 11,000 words over a period of 8 weeks. Yeah… That is until you consider the questions that I have to answer. Covering everything from politics to poetry, my brain is a complete muddle of hyperbole and transitive verbs. I’ll admit that I still don’t really know what either of those things are, and that my 11-year-old, who is currently revising for her Year Six SATs would have better luck than I do, at understanding the stylistics of the English language. Does that sound complicated? It does to me. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m nearing the end, and as with all things My Brain, I’ve already started plotting the next chapter of my life.

You may have heard of FOSTA/SESTA – the American legislation that is intended to make sex trafficking more difficult, or something along those lines. Well, it so happens that it limits all sex work of any kind, and believe it or not, writing erotic romance is included in that category. We’ve already had issues with Amazon removing the ranks of books in the erotica / erotic romance categories (slowly being fixed, my rankings have now returned), but Twitter & WordPress have also been affected. I know of several authors and professional dominatrices who have had their blogs removed from WordPress, and their Twitter accounts suspended due to the sexual content, despite all warnings etc. being in place. Instagram is next on the list, apparently, and it’s only a matter of time before Facebook follows suit. I’ve heard that social media sights such as FetLife – a sight created for the kinky and BDSM community has already removed “Financial Domination” (a very real kink) forums. Whatever your opinion on sex and fetishes, this is a limitation of free speech. All of this has made me reconsider my position in the community, especially with the end of my degree being so close.

With the end of my degree comes more free time. I very much plan to make writing a full-time career. But which route do I go down? I love writing erotic romance, and I have no intention of stopping, but I do need to consider how I’m going to pay my bills if the rules of the internet are going to be tightened and make finding those books more difficult. I’ve always been fascinated by fantasy and dystopian fiction, and I’ve been attempting to write a fantastical dystopian series for several years now. Perhaps all of this, and the completion of my degree, is pointing me in that direction. Perhaps it’s time to explore a new path. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I can’t include an element of eroticism in it.

Whatever happens, the end is in sight, and I’m so close to fulfilling one of many dreams. In the mean time, my latest erotic romance novella, One Night in Inverness is now available: Kindle USKindle UK, Smashwords, AppleKoboNook


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