Guest blog with Oleander Plume

Heart Throbs


Hiya! It’s me, Gunner Wilkes, taking over the blog tour today. First, thanks to Charlotte Howard for having us, it’s super cool!

I had the chance to interview Snake Vinter – space pirate/vampire/captain of The Frances – and he had some funny stories about Horatio. Hope you enjoy!

Gunner: You first met Horatio when you shared the same jail cell. Can you tell us about that?

Snake: First of all, I was in jail on trumped up charges. Indecent exposure. Listen, there is nothing indecent about my ass. My ass is not only decent, it’s spectacular. Anyway, I was sitting on my fine ass, reading a nudie mag the guard tossed my way, when a flash from above caught my attention. The next thing I knew, a rather bulky bloke was falling into my cell. At first, I thought one of my enemies sent him to murder me, so I…

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