Guest Blog – S. Nano

Heart Throbs

Mistress of the Air.jpgLa Camorra – the Neapolitan mafia

Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester’s airship travels take her to the Italian Empire. She drops in on Naples for some pizza, and to collect a bronze statue of herself. But the main reason for stopping there is to view the erotic frescoes at the nearby archaeological site of Pompeii.

On the quay side of the port where her airship docks Lady Sally meets with her agent in Naples, Signore Fellatio. It’s clear he’s a member of the Camorra, much to the concern of Captain Wyndham, her airship pilot.

He had good reason because the Camorra were a criminal secret society, renowned for their control over the city of Naples…and their brutality. They were a kind of Neapolitan mafia. They orchestrated criminal activities – smuggling, blackmail and extortion and corrupted local politicians and public officers. Not that this would bother Lady Sally! As she says – if…

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