Working in the sex industry, does not a bad person make. #SexSells #LoveMyJob

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, but meh… You’re getting it again.

Last Thursday, I went along to my usual writer’s group meeting. I’m the secretary there. It’s a fun job. Although not nearly as smutty as I thought being a secretary would be. Then again, I’m also the secretary for the local PTA, and that would be wrong. Possibly illegal. But that’s more or less the point of this blog. I can be smutty, and still a good person.

At the meeting, I was told that I wasting my talents as an erotic romance author. I take all the critique and criticism I get there in good faith, and was relatively chuffed that I’d been called “talented”. I came home considering everything that had been said – was I wasting myself in erotica? I’ve already started writing an epic fantasy series, and a Sci-Fi novel, but neither are going anywhere at the moment. I also have several erotica and contemporary romances, which are doing quite well. Should I give up on erotica? I don’t have a pen-name, and my real name has been linked to books about sex, shock, horror! Have I made a mistake? What am I doing with my life?!


Shocking stuff this!

I discussed it with Hubby.

He works as a photographer, and while he does a lot of advertising, wedding, and family photography, he enjoys glamour. Well hey, he is a heterosexual man. And it struck me that we both work in the sex industry! Now I’ve had this conversation before, with people I once called friends. The response? OMG! Our poor children! Daddy takes photos of boobs, and Mummy writes about them! What horrible parents we must be! Yeah… About that… My children are well-adjusted, semi-normal, and doing pretty well at school. I know this, because I get told on a regular basis how proud I must be of them. I had parents’ evening the other day and was told how lovely, enthusiastic and friendly they both are.

There is an unnecessary stigma attached to working in the sex industry – and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think writing rude books and taking photos of boobs really counts as working in the sex industry – especially when you’re a parent. I know people who truly do work in the industry and are perfectly capable of separating that part of their lives from parenting. You know, like leaving your work at work? Oh, you mean in mainstream jobs you don’t always do that? So… It’s perfectly acceptable for Daddy who works in a bank to come home stressed and complaining about his boss, or Mummy who works for a big corporation to come home with a laptop and head straight for the wine and start ringing clients, whilst child is in earshot, but it’s not okay for a writer or photographer to turn it all off give all their attention to the small-people in their lives, listen to them reading and help them with homework? Okay, so I’m stereotyping here, and I’m not saying that mainstream jobs are awful, but I am saying that you can’t say that someone is a bad parent because of the industry in which they work. And I have said all this before. (But I can’t remember when.) (2).png

With all this in mind, I have decided that while I will choose a pen-name eventually, I am going to embrace the erotica and smut. What’s wrong with liking sex? Maybe I’ll expand my career and businesses so that I really do work in the sex industry. Sex does sell after all. I could do with a few slaves, and I do look good in leather…

3 thoughts on “Working in the sex industry, does not a bad person make. #SexSells #LoveMyJob

  1. I totally agree with you, there is nothing wrong with writing erotica and like you said, sex sells! People get too sensitive, or they feel insecure in their own lives and pass judgement. Keep on doing what makes you happy!

  2. Go for it!!
    So many people are too stupid not to realize the difference between fiction and reality. Also, they don’t realize that this is a JOB. Nothing more. It’s your job to write erotica, but when you put down your pen, that’s where it ends.


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