44 Things You Don’t Know About Me

A friend of mine (Debbie) recently posted this on her blog, and I thought it sounded like fun so decided to have a go at it myself. Here are my answers:

Do you like blue cheese? No, not at all. Being lactose-intolerant, I’m not a big cheese eater anyway, but I do like warm goat’s cheese!

Last concert? Oh wow… I think it was a free concert that we went to in Jersey, Channel Islands. We saw The Commitments, Dannii Minogue, and Big Brovaz.

Do you own a gun? We have Nerf guns and a BB pistol if they count?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? All of them. I love ice cream.

Do you get nervous before Doctor visits? Depends why I’m visiting! But generally, no.

What do you think of hot dogs? I try not to think about what they’re made of while I’m eating them.

Favorite movie? Bad Boys

13139215_550594405118860_6186783307686865254_nWhat do you prefer to drink in the morning? Tea. Always tea. I get sad when my mug is empty!

Do you do push ups? Urgh. When my kick-boxing instructor makes me.

What’s your favorite piece of Jewelry? I have four – my eternity, engagement and wedding rings, given to me by my husband obviously. And a silver Omani coffee pot necklace that my mum and dad gave to me when we lived out in Oman.

Favorite hobby? Reading or watching movies.

Do you have A.D.D.? No, but I do get distracted easily, and I’m very fidgety. I can’t sit still and talk a lot. And I have to be doing something with my hands at all times.

What’s the one thing you dislike about yourself? Probably the lack of wiring between my mouth and my brain. I’ve got myself into a lot of trouble for talking when I should just be quiet!

What is your pet’s name? Dog: Leela. Cats: Nibbler, Kif & Zapp. (Futurama theme!) Box turtle: Freda (despite it being male) and Hamster: Jessie Mk II

Name three thoughts at this moment. 1. I should really get on and do some housework. 2. I need a cup of tea. 3. I should probably do some marketing today.

Name 4 drinks you drink on regularly? Lime squash, tea (obviously), Coke and water – note the lack of alcohol! I do drink, but not as often as people tend to think.

Current worries? A distinct lack of money to do anything with. And possibly the American election. Donald Trump is a very scary prospect.

Current annoyance right now? Lack of money!!

Favorite place to be? Home

How do you bring in the New Year? I usually fall asleep before it chimes in!

Where would you like to go? Ireland, Nepal and Hawaiihawaii.jpg

Favorite TV show? Too many to list! I love a good murder-mystery, and am a big Hawaii Five-O fan.
Do you own slippers? Yes. Leopard-print ballet pumps.

What color shirt are you wearing right now? Burnt orange

Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No – too sweaty.

Can you whistle? Yes, but only when calling the dog. Or children.

What are your favorite color? Black, turquoise and purple.

Would you be a pirate? Yes, but only if it’s Pirates of the Caribbean style.

What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever is going around my head.

Favorite girl’s name? Rebecca

Favorite boy’s name? William

What’s in your pocket right now? Tissues

Last thing/person that made you laugh? Trainwreck – watched it last night.

Best toy as a child? Stuffed Hello Kitty toy, which I still have.

Worst pain you ever had? Gall bladder – beats childbirth hands down!

Where would you love to live? In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, forests and a river.

How many TV’s do you have? 2

Who is your loudest friend? I think I’m the loudest out of all of us, but probably Dee.

How many dogs do you have? Onecountry affairs.jpg

Does someone trust you? I’m hoping my children and husband do!

What book are you reading at the moment? CountryAffairs by Zara Stoneley – it’s very good, but taken me a while to get into.

What’s your favorite candy? Haribo or Milkybar

What’s your favorite team? Don’t have one – I tend to watch horse sports rather than team sports. But I’ll watch the England rugby team.

Favorite month? June – it’s my birthday month.


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