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But you’re a published author. You must be rolling in it!” Yes, I’ve heard it all before, and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but my bank account is currently coloured red. Last July, I made the decision to go full-time in my writing career. At first I was going to subsidise it by offering editing etc. But, I closed down RWLS earlier this year for a variety of reasons – one of them being that it was taking my time away from actually writing. And sadly, my books just aren’t selling that well. This means that Hubby‘s job is really our only form of income.

But why aren’t my books selling? It’s not that they’re badly written – I’ve received enough four and five star reviews to assure myself that I’m actually not a terrible writer. No, it’s because of a serious lack of marketing and publicity. The romance genre is saturated in novels, novellas and short stories, which makes it very difficult to be seen, and PR is the only real way to make sure that my titles are pushed in front of the readers. But as I’ve already said, I have no money, and PR and marketing costs money. So, after careful consideration and chatting to a few fellow authors and publishers, I have decided to set up a couple of crowd funding pages to see if I can raise enough money to market The Final Straight.

the final straight cover

The two sites have chosen to use are GoGetFunding and GoFundMe. Each one is set to raise £2000 – yes, that is how expensive it is for one day’s worth of marketing for one book at full price through BookBub. With any luck, it will sell enough to market my other titles, and eventually help me reach my goal of hitting the best-sellers list.

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