It’s not okay to plagiarise!

This week seems to be all about plagiarism and piracy.

It started with a bored me putting “Seven Dirty Words, Charlotte Howard” into Google – looking for reviews (good or bad). I came up with the usual links, and the two YouTube videos which sparked my interest. They were boring, badly made adverts just saying “Download this book”. Fair enough, I could do with the publicity… And then I noticed the link under the videos. Both led to the same website: and there was my book, Seven Dirty Words, available for FREE download.

I immediately contacted Kemberlee at Tirgearr Publishing, and she confirmed my fears. My book had been pirated. I filled out the relevant DMCA forms for YouTube, Google, and Book99. I’ve had a response from YouTube saying the links have been removed, but nothing from the other two sites.


I have worked hard on all of my books, as have a team of editors, publishers, publicists, and more. By downloading a pirated copy of books, not only do you steal from us, but you put yourselves at risk. That download could contain viruses, malware, spyware – bits of software that could infect your reader or laptop and steal your data.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also joined Fiverr to help promote my new Literary Service business. Within a few days there were posts on Facebook from an artist claiming that a member from the website had stolen their artwork and using it as their own.


I wasn’t shocked or surprised, this sort of thing happens all the time. What surprised me was the message I received today.


Anyone else think that sounds like Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series? Yeah, me too. I thought it was a joke, so I sent a message back saying that I wasn’t an idiot, I’d read the novels and what they were proposing was plagiarism. Almost immediately, I received another message suggesting that I “correct my attitude” and threatening my reputation, stating that I wouldn’t “get any work”. Really? I think my reputation is worth a damn sight more than someone who blatantly rips off best-selling novels and claims the idea as their own.

I’ve re-read the messages over and over, trying to tell myself that I misinterpreted the situation, and maybe I have, but I say again:


Please, don’t support these thieving individuals. Please, don’t put yourself at risk. Please, don’t download pirated books (or any pirated material for that matter), and please report all cases of plagiarism.

**I have contacted Fiverr and Sylvia Day’s team to report this matter. It is also on Twitter, just to annoy the member who thinks it is okay to threaten other members with abusive messages.**

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