Sunday Snog from One Night in Edinburgh

One Night in Edinburghby Charlotte Howard - 200

She was a little taken aback by the kiss. It had been unexpected, but not unwanted. She drowned in the feel of his mouth on hers. Butterflies filled her chest, stomach, and groin, flapping their wings of lust and desire as they fought for control. Her mind and any sense of logic clouded over and got lost in the fog.

Tears stung the back of her eyes at the thought of having to move on the next day. She had a meeting in Aberdeen, followed by a final one in Glasgow, and then back to London. She couldn’t even ring Holly and say that actually she’d decided to take a few extra days holiday. A lump grew in her throat.

“I need you.” The words were simple enough, but stoked the internal fire deep inside her. “Right now, I need you.”

She shifted her head backwards and looked at him. His blue eyes sparkled in the dying sunlight, giving him a dark and mysterious air. He dismissed her concerns of being within the view of other people, taking her hand in his and leading her under an archway.

Laughter and the sound of heels clacking against the brick paved road moved past them. Music emanated from the pub behind her. They walked a bit further until they were completely sheltered in darkness. They were surrounded by buildings, and windows, and the possibility of prying eyes.

“I can’t,” she complained, angry with herself for being so paranoid at the thought of being caught. Wasn’t that supposed to be part of the excitement?

Ethan pressed her against a wall, his lips on hers. She was pinned between two solid surfaces with no way of escape, not that she wanted to run away. She very much wanted to feel his hands delve into her nether regions. She desperately wanted to wrap her legs around his waist and have him urge into her as he had in the back of the limo.


City Nights: One Night in Edinburgh is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Kobo, Nook, Apple and Smashwords.

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