Possibly goodbye?

The end of 2014 / beginning of 2015 was a bit, well quite frankly, sh*t. After a short stay in hospital, my dad sadly passed away. So January was spent organising his funeral and dealing with solicitors, banks, HMRC, and everyone else who needed to be informed. It got me thinking though. Life is very short and fragile. My dad was only 64, which is a relatively young age. But in those 64 years he packed in a hell of a lot. He did an apprenticeship with Rolls Royce before joining the Merchant Navy and travelling the world, and eventually working on oil rigs, which again meant a lot of travel. His work on oil rigs was the reason I was born in Oman and have lived in Scotland as well as England, not to mention the frequent stops in the Netherlands during many long-haul flights. He was full of adventurous stories, from battling a 25-foot jelly fish, to catching tiger sharks, and some more colourful tales. We should all be able to sample life’s rich tapestry, one of his favourite sayings.

What do I want out of life? Well, obviously I want my family to be happy and healthy. I want the best for my kids. I also want my own happiness, and I plan on making 2015 ‘My Year’.

I want to make writing into a full-time job. I want to be able to say that my books pay my bills. I also want my bookshop. I want to be fitter and healthier and more productive. New year, new me.

Part of this is going to be to get me organised and more professional. (Ha! There’s a challenge in itself.) And that is where the possible goodbye comes into effect. I’m designing a new website and a new blog. It will be sleek, sexy, professional, and all linked together. Whether I actually get that together or not is a completely different matter.

2015 is going to be an exciting year. As well as all this, I’ve got a new book coming out in February, Seven Dirty Words is being revamped and re-released in the summer, and I’ve already got one event lined up. Watch out Luton – it’s going to be a smutty weekend!

So keep watching this space, to see whether resolutions are made or broken this year!

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