Guest Blog: Janine Ashbless


So, have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

It’s so alluring to think that a New Year means a New Start – a clean slate. All the bad old habits swept away! I wrote my resolutions for 2015 … and then I compared them to the ones I made in 2012. It does not make for impressive viewing!

  • I will give up playing Slitherlink: it wastes valuable writing time. (2012: “I will give up playing Spider Solitaire…”)
  • I will write at least 2,000 words every day, come hell or high water. (2012: ditto, try again)
  • I will not treat blog-tours as a cast-iron obligation, whilst treating my novel as something that can be put off until I’m in the right frame of mind. (2012: “I will not treat Facebook and my blog as cast-iron obligations…” )
  • I will spend MUCH LESS time on goddamn Facebook following interesting looking links. It is an absolute time-sink. (2012: “I will give up watching TV, especially at lunchtimes.” Yes, that one worked.)
  • I will not play Slitherlink in a state of panic every time a deadline presses. It does not solve anything. You cannot stay in the happy Slitherlink world forever, Ashbless!
  • I will write a romantic hero without long hair and/or a stubbly beard. Just to prove I have range. (2012: ditto. Haven’t managed it yet.)
  • I will write a romantic novel in which everybody has a nice time and nobody gets beaten up, tortured or killed. Just to prove I’m not a psycho. (2012: ditto. Actually I’m pretty sure I’ve got worse: Cover Him with Darkness (2014) is full to the brim with character suffering and angst.)
  • I will clean my office and file All The Things.
  • I will paint the bathroom ceiling. Sometime.
  • I will learn to spell “surprise,” “incense” and “areolae” without having to look them up every time. (2012: It was “weird” and “occasional”).
  • I will not use hyphens in any fiction I hope to sell to an American publisher. (2012: ditto, but it was semicolons)
  • I will never play more than 10 games of Slitherlink in a row. Ever.

I think I can spot a pattern here.

New Year … Same Old Me 🙂

Janine Ashbless


Fierce Enchantments

Janine Ashbless is the author “Fierce Enchantments”, a collection of ten short stories full of fantasy, magic, and lust. Against the darkest and most perilous backgrounds, the blaze of desire burns even brighter. This is erotica at its fiercest and most breathtaking! This book is part of Janine Ashbless’s Enchantment collection, which includes Cruel Enchantment and Dark Enchantment. Each of the Enchantment books is a standalone collection, and readers need not have read prequels or sequels to fully enjoy any book in the collection.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Janine Ashbless

  1. I think this is what NY resolutions are for – a fresh chance to sort out the same old shit 🙂 At least you’ve varied your procrastinatory devices.

    I too have trouble with weird and occasional!

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