Signing off until 2015

I am admitting defeat.

There is one week to go until Christmas, and by now I have usually done all my baking, shopping, wrapping, and prepping. This year though, I am a total failure. It could be because I have a daytime job as well as my writing, or the fact that both my children have been / are poorly, or that I am currently studying for my BA Hons English Lit & Creative Writing, or maybe it’s because I’ve had three books published this year and have another coming out in early spring 2015. Whatever the reason, I am very behind. I haven’t even written out Christmas cards this year, and have now told people that since I’m late now, I will donate to the British Heart Foundation instead.

I’ve written my shopping list and wrapped one side of the family’s presents (only to discover that I’ve missed one person out completely, and while my son has stocking fillers and bits and pieces, I still haven’t got him his “BIG” present), but the baking and prepping is still waaaay late.

ONE batch, ONE batch of mince pies have been made and eaten. I’m normally on my third or fourth by now. And I’m surprised that my husband hasn’t divorced me since I haven’t made any cheesestraws or jam and lemon curd tarts! I even burned the lemon drizzle cake the other day because I was so distracted.

So with all this in mind, I am bidding you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I will see you in 2015, because I am exhausted and need to put my family first.

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