Impertinent Questions: Charlotte Howard

sallyanne rogers

Charlotte’s new book The Black Door is out, so I’ve caught her and compelled her to tell me a thing or two…


The Black Door

Do you have a ‘fantasy cast list’ for your book?


Honestly? I haven’t got a clue. Although I have a Pinterest board full of “Delicious Temptations” that I would love to meet / work with, I’ve never really considered who I’d want to play each character.

  With The Black Door, I really haven’t thought about it much. But Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) is currently set in my mind for the novel I’m currently writing! (Only if I get to play his leading lady though.)


What’s your favourite genre within erotica – romance, BDSM, M/M, menage, paranormal, historical or something else?


To write – contemporary romance. I’ve tried writing paranormal but I don’t think my imagination extends that far. I might give it another…

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