Apologies for my lack of presence!

It’s been a while since I blogged something of my own, and I know I still have the A-Z of Romance to finish, and I’m sorry. But I do hope that the guest blogs have helped you find a new read. These will continue every Wednesday – and not covering just romance either. There are lots of guest blogs, releases, and book cover reveals coming up, including one of my own, since The Black Door is due to be released in July!

May was an horrendous month. Busy, hectic, and depressing. I’ve had a lot of stress at home, and relied on the support and sanity of my friends and family to help me get through it, to the point where my latest series of books has come to a complete stand-still. I’d like to be able to blame writer’s block, but it’s nothing to do with the storyline and everything to do with the fact that I have so much going on in my brain, I don’t know which bit to concentrate on.

One of the things that has taken up my time and energy is my other job. Unfortunately I found out in May that due to budget cuts, my contract will not be being renewed. I haven’t lost my job entirely – I will still be there, I just won’t be there every day or being paid for much (if any) of it. At first this was a blow, since I love my job, but every cloud and all that… So I started to take a third (or possibly fourth) look at the business plan for R W Books. (Remember that??) Last time, it was deemed non-viable in the current market. However, after expanding the plan, and changing the possible location, it is looking more promising, and I will be continuing to try and get my head around finances and accounts to make it viable, and open R W Books and Gallery as soon as I can.

As I previously mentioned, The Black Door is due to be released in July by Tirgearr Publishing. During May I worked tirelessly with my fabulous editor to get it as perfect as possible. We are still working on book covers and blurbs, but it’s coming on and hopefully it won’t be long before I’m announcing an official release date.

I’m also working on my next series of books, the first one being titled A Touch of Silk. This is a series I started writing before The Black Door but managed to write myself into a corner with, so have had to utterly destroy the original and edit it into oblivion. With the help of my friends at Yeovil Creative Writers, it is coming along nicely. It is set in London and follows the story of journalist, Ellie Hart and her attempts to ruin business tycoon, Kane Ryder. I think this is going to be at least a duet if not a trilogy, so it could be a while before it’s finished let alone published!

At home, we’ve had to deal with a poorly puddy-tat. Yes, Editing Cat managed to get himself into a scrape and ended up with a delightful abscess in his cheek. (That’s what happens when you raid bins and eat cooked bones.) After an operation and a week of cuddles, he is now back to his normal self, but still has to go back for a check-up.

Doped up Editing Cat

May also saw a family trip up to Edinburgh to celebrate a friend’s wedding. It was possibly the only highlight of the month, and wasn’t without it’s stresses.  It was also plagued by delayed flights, car hire cock-ups (you try to fit four people and a large suitcase in a Smart Car), and lost shoes. But it was also a wonderful weekend and great to get away from it all. The wedding was amazing, and I was so grateful and happy to be able to share in Gary and Kim’s Big Day, and catch up with people I haven’t seen in over 20 years. The kids tried (and hated) haggis for the first time, they got to stroke an owl, Rich tried to kill me with his attempt at the Gay Gordons (a traditional Scottish dance), and we got to go sight-seeing around Edinburgh zoo.

I’m hoping that June will be a better month, but it’s also another busy one – my next “free weekend” is in three weeks time. I’m still working as well (my contract doesn’t end until the 31st August), and studying the CACHE Level 3 in Supported Teaching and Learning course, as well as writing A Touch of Silk, and waiting for The Black Door to be released. Next weekend, I will be in Scarborough taking part in Smut by the Sea, a ticketed event where I will be reading from Four Letter Words, and selling copies of both Words books.

So, I’m sorry for my lack of presence of late, but it’s not getting any better!! Keep an eye on the blog for new releases and guest blogs, and I hope you find something you like.

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