A Poem: Storm of Tomorrow

A short poem written after reading a few climate-based thrillers, and watching a couple of apocalyptic films that rang true.

Storm of Tomorrow


The dark clouds close in,

Threatening to overspill,

Luminescent with the sorrow of yesterday.

Pillows of destruction,

Heavy with grief and torment,

Ready to harness the days of an unforgiving world.

Cruel tears fall down,

Smacking the wretched ground,

Fracturing the arid, wasted, and destitute land.

Dusty air inhaled,

Filling our lungs with pity,

Our petty existence, a reminder of the hellish fury.

No time to stop.

No time to consider others.

Time races by as we rape and pillage the Earth that gave us life.

Storm of today

Clears the conscious of few,

But does nothing to prevent the storm of tomorrow and our youth.

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