A-Z of Romance: V is for Valentines All the Time

Sorry it’s a day late – I got mixed up with the Easter Bank Holiday… Anyhoo…

Bit of a ranty, anti-romance blog today because, V is for Valentines All the Time. Why? Because Valentine Day comes once a year, and that seems to be the “let off the hook day”. Let me explain:

Once a year – one day out of 365 – partners around the world are forgiven for a year of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. They are forgiven for being lazy and ungrateful. IN FACT they are REWARDED for it. We accept their flowers and chocolates and “I love you really”s, giving them 364 get out of jail free cards. I’m the worst for it – I don’t even expect a candlelit dinner without children. I go out of my way to cook a lovely meal (usually steak), and let my hubby have an XBox night. Well no more! Valentines should be All. The. Time. We should expect our partners to take 50% of the responsibility for the relationship and give 50% back. It goes without saying that we should also do the same. We shouldn’t expect our other halves to come home with a bunch of flowers, we should shower them with love on occasion as well.

So why the rant? Because it was Easter this weekend – and the Easter bunny forgot me until I produced an egg for him. This brought up a whole load of other arguments – like that he forgot my birthday last year. Never forgiven, and never forgotten. Okay, so later on, after he’d been reminded of which day it was, I got a laptop. And on Sunday, he went out and scoured the supermarkets while I took our daughter swimming, and came home with a beautiful egg, but too little too late. I don’t want apology gifts. I want recognition at the time! I want to be woken up on my birthday with a cup of tea. I want to wake up to “Happy Anniversary”. I want breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. Like he gets. (Okay, Father’s Day for him, but you get the picture.) I’ll forgive him for the anniversary lapse this year – I remembered, but I didn’t get him anything either.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful – I am grateful, and thankful, for everything. I love him more than I can describe, but he infuriates me. And come Valentine’s Day, a day he does remember because of the amount of commercialism surrounding it, I will forgive him for a year’s worth of relationship sins. BUT (and it’s a big but) I would rather he didn’t forget any special date. I’d rather it was Valentines All the Time.

**Awaits the flaming to begin**

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