A-Z of Romance: S is for Simply Sweet

According to the movies and the books, romance is all about hearts, flowers, and being simply sweet. I don’t usually fall for “mushy stuff”, but sometimes it’s needed. Yesterday (30th March 2014) was Mother’s Day here in the UK and I found myself falling for the mush. Okay, so it’s not quite the same as being romantic because it was from the kids – homemade cards and gifts – but when my husband came home from taking our daughter swimming with a bunch of white roses and a box of chocolates, I did find myself looking at him slightly differently. And yes, in a good way.


Thank you for the smooshy, romance stuff hubby!!

When we first met, he wooed me by filling my fridge and cooking a delicious meal, but he also swamped me with hearts and flowers – quite literally. A massive mixed bouquet and a giant Easter egg took centre stage (well, centre of the dining table) for a couple of weeks, until the flowers wilted and the chocolate got eaten. Every now and then he reminds me of that day, by buying me a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, but allergies to high-pollinating plants stops him from being overly romantic. No lilies, no daffodils… Roses are okay.

And that first day of being together was where I went yesterday. As I trimmed the stalks and filled the vase, I was 21 years old, living in a poxy flat in the middle of Lincoln, without any responsibilities. My worries were: “How many videos can I afford to buy this week?” (Yes, videos. I’m that old.) and “Who am I going to go drinking with this Friday and Saturday?” and “Do I have enough holiday left to take an impromptu trip to Somerset?” I was back to driving some dodgy old Metro, working at the surgery beneath the flat, and half-lusting after one of the vets, half-wondering whether I should drop everything and move in with my new boyfriend. I was care-free.

Then I blinked. I was back to being in my 30s, married with two kids, and worrying about everything that responsible adults worry about.

All of this made me realise that the simple sweet stuff; the flowers, the chocolates, the cuddles on the sofa, is important to have because it helps us to reminisce about the beginning of the relationship, when everything was sparkly and new and perfect.

So even if you’re like me and break out in hives at the thought of kissing in public, just take it and let yourself fall into that dream-like state of newness and being simple sweet.

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