A-Z of Romance: Q is for Quickies!!

You might think there is nothing romantic about a “quickie” but you’d be wrong. Okay so it’s not exactly making love, but having a quickie every now and then can add some spark into a relationship. But for a quickie to work, it should be spontaneous and this is where most fall flat – especially busy parents.

Sex can become time-tabled when you lead a hectic life with a crammed scheduled. Even the odd quickie can be slotted in somewhere. It’s not uncommon for a couple to look at their diaries and say the words: “I’ve got five minutes on Friday morning…” It’s sad, but true.

To make it romantic, and spontaneous, you need to be able to read your partner. You don’t need to take a course in reading body language, but you do need to know them inside and out. You need to be able to judge whether they’re in the mood or not, because if you choose a moment when they’re stressed, when they’re brain is going over accounts, contracts, or trying to figure out how to get to ballet, football, and swimming in the space of ten minutes, then you’re going to be confronted with a big fat no, and if you’re really unlucky, an argument.

For a quickie to be appropriate you need to watch out for several signs:

  • Alone – ideally, an empty house OR everyone still asleep. Morning sex is not romantic when a four year old comes bursting through the door asking if they can have cartoons on.
  • You’re both relaxed. Watching the telly, reading a book, or even just sat day dreaming. NOT when you’re filling out paperwork, on the phone, or trying to work from home. Although a quickie might be a pleasant distraction!
  • You have time. Okay, so five minutes or so is all you need, but think about the afterwards. Do you want to just shag and be done? Or will you want to snuggle? Timing is crucial.
  • Placing – bed, shower, outdoors… Wherever you choose, make sure you’re not going to get interrupted. (See above comment about children for reference.)

If you can fit all of these criteria then go for it. Surprise your loved one with the notion of a quickie! The romance side will take care of itself, because by having these spontaneous moments proves that you still love each other, still fancy each other, and still want each other.

Have fun!

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