A-Z of Romance: P is for Peace and Quiet

We spend all day in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Rushing around after family, working, it can sometimes seem as if we don’t get five minutes to just sit down and enjoy each other. Which is why P is for Peace & Quiet – because even if it’s only a few seconds, it is exactly what is needed. If we don’t clear our minds, then we can’t remember why we love each other.


But you don’t need to get away for some time alone together. You don’t need to book a hotel, or a B&B, or even send the kids away for a weekend – take an afternoon off work, or full advantage of that precious moment between the children falling asleep and you crashing out on the sofa to have a quick cuddle.

Let your minds clear, let the stresses of the day disappear into the recess of your brain, and just sit. Have a glass of wine or a beer if you like! You could settle for a cup of tea (my favourite drink!) and a biscuit. You don’t need to talk, you don’t need to discuss diaries or anything – just sit together and enjoy relaxing in silence.

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