A-Z of Romance: O is for Over the Top!

Romance can be subtle or it can be extreme. Today I’m going to discuss Over the Top ways of showing someone you love them…



Both the Great Outdoors and Behind Closed Doors offers a lot of potential for adventure. But here, I’m talking about doing something extreme. Bungee jumping, sky diving… anything that gets the blood pumping and increases your adrenaline can do wonders for your relationship. Get your endorphines flowing through your body, and you will not only feel sexier, but you’ll look it too.

Just remember that this is a one-off high and once your feet are on the ground, you will need other ways to keep your love alive.

Public Declaration


Some people feel uncomfortable at the thought of public displays of affection, and to be honest it’s not always that great to see someone sucking the face off their other half. But gentle pecks, holding hands, and arms around waists, is fine and a lovely way to show your love for each other.

OTT displays of affection are often public and can be embarrassing, so it’s best to keep this in mind before you go serenading your sweetheart in the middle of Trafalgar Square. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of men down on one knee, after singing a loud song about devotion, only to be turned down. But don’t let that put you off. Just make sure that whatever you decide to do, it’s something that will make your other-half laugh, cry, or smile with joy and happiness.

Oh, and guys – that YouTube video of the bloke who faked his own death by car crash and then surprised his girlfriend by suddenly coming back to life and proposing – BAD idea.

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