A-Z of Romance: K is for KISSING!!

Of course it is. What else would K stand for?

Paige does a lot of kissing in Seven Dirty Words and Four Letter Words. It’s an important part of romance! The physical act of kissing expresses more emotion than words ever could. We kiss everyone we love – our children, our friends, our family, and of course our other halves. Okay so it’s not all snogs and fumbling, but that simple connection exudes love.


Kissing incites all kinds of reactions within our bodies

Whether it’s a soft peck or a full-on, tongue-dancing, snog – you should always make a point of kissing your other half at least once a day. Morning, noon, or night, there is almost never a bad time to get in a quick kiss. (I say almost, since it may not be appropriate to go French in front of your ageing grandmother, or if you work together… Be sensible about it!)

There is an art to kissing though, and unfortunately there are so many bad kissers out there. I’ve experienced more than one or two myself! The snaking of tongues, the sloppy wet one, the eating of faces – bad idea. Romantic kisses should be pliable, subtle, and build up to passionate. Romantic kisses should be reciprocated, so don’t go in all guns blazing if your other half is feeling under the weather, or in the middle of going through the finances. Romantic kisses should stoke fires, cause your breath to catch – all those cliches.

Don’t forget that kissing isn’t resigned to just the face. As long as it’s allowed by the other person and the situation, there is nothing wrong with a bit of a fumble! But again, don’t dive straight in there, unless you’re going for the art of surprise of course. Start slow, build up… Teasing and testing as though you are a teenager or in a new relationship can help to strengthen relationships.

I love kissing. It heightens senses, allowing you to taste your partner. Just make sure that if one of you has eaten garlic – you both do or you could be letting yourself in for a nasty surprise!

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