Ask Charlotte

This is a new feature that, for the time being, will be featured on my blog, but I am working on an official site.

Since having Seven Dirty Words published (did I mention that Four Letter Words will be published on 14 January??), I’ve had a lot of people – especially women – opening up to me. I seem to have corrupted half of my friends and acquaintances as well. Lots of people ask me questions about life, relationships, and sex, and for the most part, I seem to be quite good at giving out advice. It’s probably because I’ve lead an interesting life so far and have lots of experience in many departments. From premature babies to post-natal depression, bad relationships to health problems, I have a whole host of experience, advice, and contacts that may be able to help other people.

With all of this in mind (and some gentle persuasion from my publisher), I have decided to start an Agony Aunt column. (That’s advice column to anyone outside of the UK.) Once a week (until a website or an addition to my current website is set up) I will post a letter with the advice that I am able to give, including links and contacts to outside sources that might be available.


**All letters will be anonymous to protect your privacy**

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