A-Z of Romance: H is for Happiness

Happiness makes the world go round, isn’t that what they say? Well, it certainly helps romance to blossom if nothing else. Nobody is saying you have to be happy 24-7 though. In fact, part of romance can be helping your other half be happy. It doesn’t have to be surprise gifts of chocolate and flowers. Think about the person before attempting to put a smile on their face.


Happiness is in the palm of your hand

The things that make you happy change over time. Ten years ago, happiness to me would have been staying in bed all day, preferably in a hotel, or going for a long walk on a hot day. Today it’s getting to stay in bed past 8 o’clock, or getting together with the entire family and reminiscing. What makes you happy evolves as you do.


Happiness can be whatever you make it

Simply showing someone you love them can make them happy. A cuddle on the sofa, a sneaky kiss, holding hands – all of these can spark feelings of warmth.

Happiness can be spending time with the whole family, or with each other. Happiness can be dancing in the rain or basking in the sun. Happiness is what you make it. So make it good.

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