A-Z of Romance: G is for Great Outdoors

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you should both take the time to get some exercise and fresh air – it does wonders for your health, which will make you happier in yourself and as a couple. Not only that, but what is more romantic than a long walk surrounded by nature?


Whether it’s the mountains, the beach, or just a walk in the park, it’s the quality time you spend with each other that’s important.

You don’t have to travel far. A simple walk around the block once a week could be enough to just give you some time alone and together. If you have a dog then you could even use their morning or evening walk as a way to share some outdoors time with your partner.

Or how about making the perfect lunch for your lover? The banks of a river or lake… the beach… they’re both romantic settings that make ideal picnic areas. A bottle of wine, or grape juice, sandwiches and cakes is all you need to eat in the great outdoors.


Picnics don’t need to be extravagant to be romantic

Spending some time with each other away from the television, the confines of your sofa, and the stresses of work and family life will give you a neutral ground where you can both talk to each other. Whether it’s about how much you love each other, or discussing what’s gone on in the past week, or even airing some thoughts you’ve bottled up, getting out rather than staying in will help to add a bit more romance into your lives. But make sure you wrap up for the season – you don’t want to ruin the day / night by coming down with heatstroke or frostbite.

Of course if you have the money and the time, you could always book an entire weekend away. Don’t hide away in a hotel with room service though. Find a cottage on the edge of a lake, or a cabin in the middle of the mountains, or even a shack on some luscious island – anywhere that provides you with some time away from the hectic technology of modern life will help boost your relationship.

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