A-Z of Romance: F is for Forever

Yup. Forever and eternity. Until death us do part.

Of course you don’t have to get married to stay together, but let’s face it, there is nothing more romantic than publicly declaring your eternal love for each other. So whether you get married, elope, have a hand fasting, or simply throw an extravagant party – swapping vows of eternal love is possibly the ultimate romantic sentiment.


Hand Fasting or Hand Tying is a ceremony to celebrate your love, but is not legally binding in the same sense that a marriage is.

If you choose not to get married, you can still use rings to symbolise your promise to each other. Eternity rings are traditionally given on the birth of your first child, but they could equally be given during a promise ceremony. I also know couples who are not married in the traditional sense, but have changed their names by deed poll.

Don’t forget to throw a party afterwards – everyone likes a party! You don’t have to go all out with the expensive hotel, top quality food, and table favours. A BBQ in the back garden can be just as romantic, as can a buffet in your local pub. However you declare and celebrate your love should reflect on your personality.

Personally, neither my husband or I are particularly religious. However, we are very traditional and wanted to get married. We decided to have a civil service at Sherborne Castle in Dorset for our closest family and friends, followed by a larger party (and by larger, I mean louder with alcohol) at the Manor Hotel in Yeovil. It suited us, and our budget. We did a lot of it on the cheap, including using IKEA and eBay to find things like tealights and table favours, making most of the decorations ourselves with the help of our family.

My husband then bought me an eternity ring on the birth of our daughter. Unfortunately he wouldn’t buy me a second when I had our son – apparently one eternity is more than enough for him!

Romance doesn’t have to be hearts, flowers and a big white meringue-style dress though. Romance could be eloping to some exotic island, or your favourite village in Wales. You could decide to make your solemn promise, just you and your other half on a mountain in Scotland. However you do it, there truly is nothing more romantic than declaring your love. Forever.

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