A-Z of Romance: D is for Delectable delights

And I am of course, talking food.

I know I’ve already mentioned breakfast in bed, but there are so many other meals in the day that can be romantic. In fact they don’t have to be full meals. Surprise your loved one by baking some delicious treats – after all, the quickest way to a man’s (and mine) heart is through their stomach!


We’ve spent many a Valentine’s Day eating pizza, with a cardboard box table, by candlelight

Going out for a meal is always lovely – if nothing else, it’s a night away from the kids! But when lacking a babysitter, setting the table, lighting a candle, and cooking up his favourite meal (steak, what else) can be just as pleasant. Although I have to admit that this occasions are saved for events such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. It shouldn’t always be down to the woman to do the cooking though. Contrary to sexist beliefs, a woman’s place is not in the kitchen. The first weekend that my (now) husband was invited to stay at my flat, he truly won me over by creating a delicious meal.

April 2003, Easter weekend. I was working at a veterinary surgery in Lincoln and on-call for the entire weekend. Rich turned up on the Saturday, and I looked a mess. We’d just finished operating on a cat, my hair needed washing, I had no makeup on, and I was STARVING. Oh, and my fridge was empty. (I was a student – I lived on mashed potatoes and noodles)

With still a few hours left on my shift, I sent Rich in search of food. It was very prehistoric – Ugg, you man, go hunt. I think part of me was expecting him to turn tail and run away. Despite my doubts, he returned and captured my heart. Flowers, a giant Easter egg (both placed in the centre of the dining table simply to make my flatmate jealous), and several carrier bags of food.

Saturday night he shoved a pizza in the oven – simple enough, but I was so hungry that it was gratefully devoured. Sunday, I woke and went to work. We had a few clients come in, so I left him upstairs in my flat to cook. I finished my shift and he ordered me to take a bath. (I did smell of disinfectant and general ickyness). I could hear the hissing and spitting. I could smell something meaty cooking…

Clean and clothed, I went into my kitchen. I have to admit that up until that point, I wasn’t aware that the oven even had a grill. I certainly didn’t know that we owned that many pots and pans! But apparently we did. And there, on the counter, was the reason I knew I was going to marry him: Lamb chops, curly kale, carrots and new potatoes, smothered in gravy with lashings of mint sauce & jelly. He was a keeper.


I try to bake a cake every Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and birthday

He doesn’t cook very often any more – probably due to the fact that he works 60+ hours a week in an office, while I work from home, so I’m responsible for the feeding of the tribe. But when he does, it certainly reminds me of all the reasons I love him.

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