I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

One book does not a million make. Nor does it make you an instant, overnight, successful best-selling author. It means you’ve published a book; a fact that I’m only too willing to accept. Of course I’d like to be a best-seller, and I’m looking forward to Four Letter Words being released in early 2014. I am happy to give advice to all those who ask – and have done so in the past. But, I’m not going to let it go to my head or start write about how to write, sell, and market books!

Clearly not everyone thinks like this though.

Go on – head to Google or Amazon, or any other search engine / bookseller site. Type in “How to write a best selling novel” or similar and see if you recognise any of the authors. No, neither do I.

I accept the helpful guides on how to publish (particularly self-publishing, these may be very helpful if they’ve been written by a SP author, editor, publisher, or someone else within the industry).  I accept the guides on how to write a cover letter, or how to find an agent. Again – most of these have been written by someone in the know. But how to write a best-seller? Nah – you can’t do that. Nobody can guarantee that your book will hit the NY Times or Sunday Times lists. Nobody can predict which books will sell like the cliched hot cakes, and which will sink like stones.

And yet somehow, these people seem to think they have the right to tell us how to write and get published AND sell millions of books.

My advice? Don’t waste your money, join a writer’s group, hire a Beta reader and professional editor, and get some criticism from someone other than a family member, or worse, a jumped-up wannabe.

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