A single book does not a million make

Seven Dirty Words was published in January 2013, Four Letter Words is due out in January 2014, and April’s Baby (working title) is currently at 31,000 words. Writing is a full-time job. Unfortunately, one published book does not pay the bills. Why am I pointing this out? Because I’ve started filling out job application forms.

Our local school is looking for a mid-day supervisor (that’s Dinner Lady to anyone over the age of 30) which would be an ideal job for me. 12 – 1 pm a day, Monday – Friday, during term-time only. No childcare required (they’re at school), and the dog only has to be alone for an hour and a half at the most since it’s a 15 minute walk to the school from our house. So I’ve applied. Not sure I’m in with a chance since they’ve had so many people apply, they’ve run out of forms, but if nothing else, it’s great form-filling experience.

I mentioned this to a few of the mums in the playground, and have had quite a few ask “Oh, are you not writing anymore?” Yes, I am. But sadly Seven Dirty Words has not hit the best-seller’s list (yet), and is not earning me thousands and thousands a month (yet). Perhaps once I have a few more books published it will pay the bills, but right now it makes enough to pay for a night out every now and then.


Tea solves everything


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