Interview with Jeff Scoggin, ELF: OFF the Shelf

Robin Writes


Now that ELF: OFF the Shelf has been released, I took a few minutes to interview new author Jeff Scoggin:

Jeff was born in Detroit, Michigan. The oldest of four (he has three younger sisters, one of whom is also a published author), Jeff moved to the Dallas, Texas area at age six. Jeff graduated from Plano High School, then attended Texas Tech and Southern Methodist University. After graduating with a degree in journalism, he spent his working career in the corporate world. In his spare time, Jeff is active in finding homes for shelter rescue dogs (five of whom are his roommates), volunteering, and spending time with his girlfriend, Carrie. Jeff currently resides in The Colony, Texas. “Elf: OFF the Shelf” is his first book.

So, Jeff, how does it feel to be a published author?

To be honest, it still hasn’t completely hit me. It’s something I’ve dreamed…

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