My Week Off

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much this past week, that’s because I’ve been on holiday. When I say “on holiday” what I actually mean is that I had my sister and nephew staying with us so took a week off. But I’m back now and wanted to share my week off with you all.

Sunday 25th August saw my daughter’s birthday party.

Six years ago I was 32 weeks pregnant, sat in hospital on a drip expecting to be sent home. I had no idea that on the 26th August 2007 I was going to be rushed into theatre, have an emergency c-section, and welcome my 3lbs 12oz baby girl into the world. After nearly 7 weeks of set-backs and complications, she was allowed home. Six years later, Rebecca Dawn is a happy little girl about to go up to year 2 in primary school.

Since her birthday was on the Monday this year, we decided to have the party on the Sunday with a BBQ. Rebecca loves Rapunzel, particularly the Disney version, “Tangled” and insisted I paint Rapunzel, Flynn, and Pascal onto a cake. Oh, and she wanted a polka dot sponge filling… Results:

cake   polkadots

Not bad if I do say so myself!!

The party went well, and she was spoiled rotten with presents.

Monday 26th August was not only Rebecca’s birthday, but also a bank holiday, which meant that my husband got a rare day off. Along with my sister and nephew, we decided to visit Longleat Safari Park. I knew it wasn’t far from us, but I hadn’t realised that it was a 30 – 45 minute drive down the road…

We saw all the usual suspects of animals, but as I was driving so Rich could take photos, he had no choice when I decided to drive through the monkey encounter… And encounter we did…


Sat on the wing-mirror

Fortunately we weren’t the car in front of us who has their trim ripped out and aerial chewed off!!

I think I speak for all of us when I say the monkeys climbing over the car was the best part of the day.

I was very brave and held a tarantula as well, and was a very proud Mummy when my daughter went near the spiders as well. But even more so when we walked through the butterfly house. Rebecca has a fear of anything flying near her to the point that she is phobic of flies and wasps, but she also hates butterflies, moths, and ladybirds. So for her to walk through the butterfly house and be okay when one landed on my arm and her brother’s hat, was a big moment for us all.

Tuesday 27th August proved to be another proud Mummy moment.

It was Rebecca’s swimming lesson. Being the little worrier that she is (can’t think where she gets that from…) Becca used to be afraid of deep water. We started swimming lessons to help her get over this fear because we couldn’t take them to the pool without her screaming the place down. Well, on Tuesday she passed her Stage 1!


I do feel a bit bad because the week has mainly been about Rebecca and how well she’s done. However, next week sees her going back to school, but it also sees William starting primary school. I have mixed emotions about this – he’s my Little Man, and I don’t want him to grow up, but at the same time I am looking forward to having a few hours in the day where I can clean the house, get some writing done, and finish my business plan. (Yes, R W Books is still going to happen.) Oh, and my nephew, Alexander, also rolled over for the first time.


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