Learning To Loathe


A new writer named Lauren Howard wrote a novel calledLearning To Love that she planned to release this month.  She has since changed her mind, and explains that she will not be releasing the book–at all–in this blog post.

Why?  Because of GoodReads.

Evidently she added the book prior to the release (something that GoodReads encourages authors to do.)  Someone who had not read the book rated it at two stars.  Ms. Howard took to a GoodReads forum to ask why someone would give a book a rating prior to reading it.  The answer she received is that people evidently use book ratings to show if they would be interested in reading a particular book.

Now, that’s news to me, and it sounds kind of odd.  I mean, I could go through and rate whole genres with one star.  I don’t read westerns, for example, does that…

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