Some utter nonsense

The tiger bit his head off. She chewed it for a bit and then spat it out.
Bleurgh, tax men do not taste nice, thought the tiger.
“You’re the worst Mummy in the world!” shouted a passing child. “I hate you.”
“I’m sure you do,” sighed the mother.
The tiger watched as they passed her cage and wondered if humans ever ate their young.
A scream filled the air.
“Mummy! That tiger ate that man!”
“Well he probably didn’t eat his vegetables.”
This made no sense to the tiger or the child. But it made perfect sense to the mother.
Why would anyone eat vegetables? thought the tiger. Perhaps that was why he tasted so awful. It had nothing to do with his profession and everything to do with the amount of carrots he’d consumed.
“Stand back, nothing to see here,” said the zoo keeper as he tossed in another HMRC employee…

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