Photoshoots and Dogs

It’s only taken me 7… No… 8 months, but I finally got round to having my photoshoot yesterday. I’m sort of lucky considering my husband is a photographer, because it meant that I could do it in my own home, didn’t have to worry about childcare, and it cost me nothing more than a trip to the shop to buy food and beer (using his card).

Would you like to see the results? Of course you would.


The Tag Line


My favourite shot – and it was the natural one he took when I wasn’t looking!


Choosing between slippers and stilettos is a hard decision!


Shocking stuff this!


Does Paige choose slippers or stilettos?


And then the dog wanted in…

There were plenty of others, which you can see on my website and Facebook page – including some of the outtakes!

So that’s it. Done and dusted until the next book comes out I guess. Now back to writing, and controlling children, which is bit like herding cats.

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