Low Sales and a PMA

I got a sales report from my publisher yesterday. The first thing mentioned in the email was that all sales were down during July. But hey! That’s okay! Everyone has a slow month! And then I looked at the figures… I sold a whole book. Not even a book. An e-book. And that’s where the PMA comes into play – that’s Positive Mental Attitude for those of you who are not fluent in acronyms.

One book is better than none.


Thank you to that sole person who picked up their Kindle and downloaded Seven Dirty Words.

Sadly one book does not pay the rent. All of this got me thinking about how I can market my book better. What am I missing out on? There must be a shadowy corner somewhere that I’m not seeing. So, I scoured the internet, read the books, checked the information given to me by my publisher, trying to find out what I’m doing wrong. The answer? Nothing.

I have a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, website, author pages, authorgraph account and blog (obviously – you’re reading it). I’ve done giveaways, I’ve contacted bookshops (that’s all I can do – I can’t force them to take my book and let me do a signing there!) and I’m going to the Festival of Romance in November. I’ve asked for reviews (again – I can’t force someone to leave one), and have had some positive feedback. I’ve featured on guest blogs, done the interviews, and joined in social media promotions. The book is available on all formats – Android, Kobo, Nook, Kindle, print…

Bar paying for reviews and marketing, there is nothing more I can do. Is that my next route? Paying someone to promote the book? Paying for someone to leave me several 5-star reviews? No. That is always something I swore I would never do. I want honest reviews, not a bunch of fake ones that cost me X amount. And, I can’t afford to pay anyone to do anything anyway.

Is this what they call a ‘Catch-22 situation’? I can’t do A because I need B, which I can’t do because I need C, which I can’t do because I need A…


It’s only one month!! I’ve always sold well during the other months… Or so I think. Plus, RHP has set a target of selling 100 books a day, if even only 1 of those is mine, that’s 30 books sold during the month! I can hope and dream.

I suppose I should concentrate on the fact that Four Letter Words will be coming out in less than 6 months, and I’m currently editing April’s Baby (seriously need a new title), while Touch of Silk sits for a bit while I think about how I get out of the corner I’ve written myself into, on top of the new fantasy series The Second Moon – which will be a minimum 6 books written under my pseudonym ‘Lark Dumas’… Not forgetting that it’s the summer holidays so I have the two sprogs at home, and we’re trying to clear out the garden and house and make improvements so that we can become more or less self-sufficient…

Busy, busy, busy!

So I guess in the grand scheme of things, selling one book in July is not so bad. Like I said, one is better than none!!

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