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People buy books. People read books. But if people don’t ever TELL anyone about those books, no one else will ever know about them.

Sure, you’ve read a lot of books. And you might tell your significant other about them, or your friends. But do you write a review and post it publicly?

The two main sites for book reviews are Goodreads and Amazon. You have to have a FREE Goodreads account, but you don’t have to actually WRITE a review – you can just rate books. This helps, certainly, when people are scrolling for new books and new authors – no one wants to read a one-star reviewed book. Well, some might, if they’re into “awful.”

If you have a Goodreads account already, this will take something like 2 seconds to accomplish. Okay, maybe 5 seconds if you have to do a search for the book… If you don’t…

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