Surprises in the Books You Read – Rachel Gorin

Robin Writes

I will read pretty much anything.  However, I do go through phases with my reading, like many people I know.  I’ve had a sci-fi/fantasy phase, a historical fiction phase, and phases where I’ve had a marathon of reading all of the books a particular author has written or about a particular person, group, or period in history (during the historical fiction phase, most likely).  But one thing that I’ve grown to really love and appreciate about any story is when it seems fresh (even if it’s an old classic; I mean any idea that’s new to me) or when it surprises me – for example, if a character does something I don’t expect, or an issue comes up that I didn’t even think about, or there’s a solution to a problem that I didn’t even know existed.  Though I’m sure some people haven’t been caught by surprise with some things…

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