Four Letter Words – A Sneak Peek!

Fancy a sneak peek of FOUR LETTER WORDS? Due to be released in January 2014, FLW is the follow-on book for SEVEN DIRTY WORDS (available now on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Rocking Horse Publishing and from The Book House on Manchester Road in St Louis, and All On The Same Page bookstore in Creve Coeur, Missouri!).

She made her choice. But is it the right one? While coming to terms with her past, and struggling with her demons, Paige Holmes wants to get her life back. She’s fighting for normality, but something, or someone keeps stopping her. She finds herself torn between what she wants and who she wants. And then the letters start…

Excerpt from Chapter Seventeen (unedited):

Lou let out a loud guffaw.  “It’s just the wind and that blasted honeysuckle.”

  I sighed with relief.  “I’ve been asking Danny to get onto that.  It keeps setting off the security light, which just happens to be right outside my bedroom window,” I complained.

  “No wonder you’re paranoid about being stalked,” Lou teased.  “But I promise, nobody is outside trying to get in.  Certainly not anyone of the blood-sucking kind.  Resident Evil next?”  She held up the DVD case.

  I shook my head.  “Zombies?  Not bloody likely.  Last thing I need is to go to bed with the living dead crawling in my dreams.”  I grabbed my almost empty glass, draining the dregs of wine into my throat.  Lou reached out with a bottle, pouring the last of the contents into my glass.

  “Think we need another bottle.  I’ll go.”  She got up, taking the empty one with her.

  I was alone in the living room.  Night had taken over.  A shock of light filled the room, followed by a terrific roar.  Lou screeched.  The bottle that had been in her hand dropped to the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces.  I leapt from my hiding place to find her on the floor of the kitchen, sweeping up the broken shards.

  “What happened?”

  “You’ve got me spooked now,” she said, standing to tip the dustpan of glass into the bin.  “That lightening made me jump.”  She turned to look out the window, following my own gaze.  I swear I could see a figure standing at the bottom of our drive.

  Another lightening flash and the silhouette was gone.

  “Did you see that?” I asked, feeling like an extra in a horror movie, about to be murdered in some hideous fashion.

  “It was probably a trick of the light.  Or maybe one of the neighbours was putting his bins out.”  It was a feeble explanation, and one that did nothing to settle my nerves.  “More wine?”  She held up a new green bottle.

  “Think I need something stronger.  Danny keeps a bottle of vodka somewhere.”

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