Diary of a workaholic part 2

If you follow my blog (and if you don’t – why not?) you’ll know that eight days ago I took part in the Mum’s race as part of Sports Day and fell with magnificence, resulting in a busted foot. Official diagnosis (after two trips to A&E) is torn soft tissue. But, if you follow my blog you’ll also know that I am a self-confessed workaholic. So how do the two combine? Not well, let me tell you!

Sat on my backside is not easy. Especially when all the TV offers is Jeremy Kyle (I swear I met some previous guests in A&E), Murder She Wrote, Father Dowling, Diagnosis Murder and antiques after antiques show. Thankfully, I am surrounded by gadgets. I have my laptop, iPhone, tablet and Kindle sat by my arm. So you’d think relaxation would be easy. Yeah… You’d think…

Firstly Kane & Ellie’s story, “Touch of Silk” has come to a standstill. 45,000 words and I’m stuck. So, I started writing a new novel, entitled “Past Lives”, about a woman named Amy who is can’t seem to shake the feeling of being haunted. 500 words and it’s stopped. I know where both books are going, I just can’t seem to get there. Perhaps it’s the painkillers – blocking my mental capacity.

So I’m concentrating on my bookshop. It now has a name: R W Books, named after my children Rebecca and William. The business plan is coming along nicely, and I’ve spent the past week contacting distributors, publishers, estate agents, and suppliers. I’ve even got a very rough estimate of a cash flow forecast! But it is very rough and needs ironing out.

I started on a website yesterday, and plan on buying the domain name tomorrow (payday!!), and have begun planning how I want the bookshop to look as well as drafting out my expansion opportunities. Writing this plan, analysing my SWOT and drafting up finances has made me appreciate all those years in business and maths lessons. Suddenly 2 years of Maths A-Levels, wistfully watching Mr Cotton, and hoping it would rain after he’d left the roof of his car down doesn’t seem like such a waste!

Somehow I also managed to find the time to weed my garden – a task which inspired the opening scene of “Past Lives”. I hate gardening, but I love the idea of being self-sufficient and am very proud of my little veg and herb pots. Unfortunately the slugs and snails like them almost as much as I do and have devoured two pumpkin seedlings, a sunflower, and all my coriander.

Being a housewife and mother hasn’t been forgotten either. I’m not as active as I normally am because of my foot, but I have still managed to gut my son’s room. And found 2 boxes of pineapple juice under his bed. Or rather, they used to be boxes of pineapple juice. I thought it highly coincidental that as soon as these items had been removed the odd smell that’s been bugging me for weeks has dispersed.

Poor dog needs a good walk… I can’t wait to be able to trek through the fields, iPhone in hand talking into it and looking odd as I come up with inspiration for my novels. On the other hand, she’s had lots of fuss in the house and has been racing circuits around the garden, upsetting the cats and rabbit.

The doctors think I have another 5 weeks of not being able to do anything, but if they can be as productive as the past seven days have been, then perhaps this RICE thing isn’t such a total loss.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a workaholic part 2

  1. Good grief, Charlotte! Slow down, girl. I can commiserate with the foot thing – I have a messed up knee from a fall on June 7th. I do not, however, have your energy. Hope your foot heals well and faster than expected.

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